18 Halloween food ideas for your spooky office party


18 Halloween food ideas for your spooky office party

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
October 24, 2019

Hunting for Halloween food ideas for your upcoming office party?

Unless you’re anything like Victor Frankenstein who devotes countless evenings to create a monstrous masterpiece, you probably don’t have time to make spooky party favours or eerie Halloween office snacks. But that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook for hosting the upcoming workplace Halloween party or bringing in scary treats.

What if you could order dishes that are always a hit at any great party, have it delivered right to your office and make a few last-minute tweaks to make it Halloween ready?

Here are 18 Halloween food ideas along with their spooky updates for the perfect office party.

18 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

1. All-seeing doughnuts

Who doesn’t love doughnuts at a party? Plus, they come in a wide variety of flavours and colours. Okay, so how do we make them scary? Go to any dollar or craft store and find either edible eyes or non-edible googly eyes and stick them on your doughnuts. Or, better yet, order the jam-filled sugar doughnuts and stick a knife in one of them up for a scary plating effect.

Where to order:

Halloween Food Ideas

2. Hoppy Halloween brew

Pumpkin juice, witches’ brew, ghostly-pale ale… whatever you decide to name it, there are many great seasonal beer and cider options for those office parties that allow for alcohol. Just be sure to write a fun and spooky description for effect.

Where to order:

3. Reach-in-if-you-dare nut mix

Gourmet nut, popcorn and snack mixes are killers at every party. So why not order in some roasted, salty or sweet nut mixes and throw a surprise into the bowl? Go to the dollar store and pick up a few plastic spider rings or a fake snake. Or, for those a little more daring, try hiding a fake severed hand to the mix.

For some extra-spooky fun, cover the top of the snack bowl and make a hole just big enough for people’s hands to reach in (if they dare).

Where to order:

4. Carrot cake

Okay, there’s nothing particularly scary about carrot cake, but it’s the perfect treat for any fall office party. You could, however, find five long carrots that look like fingers and place them like a hand reaching out of the top of the cake.

Where to order:

5. Brainy spaghetti

Meatballs and spaghetti—or any kind of pasta dish, for that matter—is great for an office dinner potluck and can turn spooky with the right kind of Halloween-related signage.

Where to order:

Halloween food ideas

6. Mystery meat platter

If you want to gross your colleagues out, order any BBQ meat platter or charcuterie board and add a questionable sign (or several) such as “Mystery meat platter.” Or, find a fun skeleton platter to arrange the meats on. That will do the trick. Now you just have to get your team to eat it.

Where to order:

7. Swamp juice

Exorcist detox, monster guts, beetle juice, swamp juice… depending on what you name it, organic superfood juices and all-natural avocado and spinach smoothies can suddenly take on an evil alter-ego.

Where to order:

8. Worm candy

No Halloween party is complete until there’s candy. Go for the sugary worms, eyeball jawbreakers,  or other scary-looking candy. It’s all about the effect this time of year.

Halloween Food Ideas

9. Mandarin orange pumpkins

Want something light, healthy and easy to eat at the party? Place a few mandarin oranges in a bowl and stick something green in the top (like a small piece of celery?) to make it look like a pumpkin. Better yet, peel one and leave the wrapper and pieces of the orange behind—like the one that got away…

10. Brain freezies

If, for some reason, you have a Halloween skull kicking around—or even a carved pumpkin head would do—why not fill it with ice and freezies? Because brain freezies, get it? Or, go ahead fill that pumpkin-head candy bowl with ice cream and other frozen treats.

Where to order:

11. Devil’s food cake

Not to be confused with angel food cake, devil’s food cake is a chocolate layer cake that’s moist, rich and airy. Plus, the name doesn’t get much better for our purposes today. All you need is a sign.

Where to order:

12. Pumpkin pie

This is just delicious and should be at every Halloween or fall-related party. No need to spice this one up.

Where to order:

Halloween Food Ideas

13. Monster macaroons

Just like our all-seeing doughnuts, order in some colourful macaroons and add googly or edible eyes for that monster-cookie effect. Believe me, everyone will love them. Or, can’t find any eyes? Just order the swampy-green macaroons and label them “Monster macaroons.”

Where to order:

14. Black forest cake

Black forest cake is not only a delicious treat, but it has a super creepy name. Write a spooky sign, play some eerie forest soundtrack and enjoy your cake.

Where to find:

Halloween Food Ideas

15. Troll brains and chips

Guacamole, salsa or hummus and chips are on every potluck party table. How can we make them evil or scary? Find a doll, troll or a carved pumpkin and strategically pour the dip so that it looks like it’s coming out of their heads (or mouths). Add chips and voila! You have yourself a spooky Halloween party platter.

Where to order:

16. Pepperoni-face pizza

Practically every Foodee city has delicious local pizza on delivery, right to your office. So whether you ask the restaurant or you do it yourself, why not rearrange the pepperoni and toppings to look like a scary face? If done well, the effect can be quite shocking. Or, just add a few cobwebs and spider rings into the box.

Where to order:


Halloween Food Ideas

17. Mini-me burgers

Burgers are always a hit at parties—regardless of whether they’re mini sliders or regular burgers. Why not grab toothpicks and a jar of cocktail olives (with red pepper inside) before work, order the burgers delivered to the office and then go to work on them? Slice the olives in half, skewer them on a toothpick and make two eyes on top of each burger. Or just get some googly eyes and call it day.

Where to order:

18. The Cookie Monster’s favourite

This one is as easy as ordering homemade cookies to your office, putting them out on a plate with a sign that says “The Cookie Monster’s favourite” and biting into one. Make sure you leave some crumbs around the table and floor. Like the Cookie Monster ate one and is hiding somewhere in your office right now…

Where to order:

Go check out what we have to offer in your Foodee city and start planning the best Halloween office party yet. And, why not send us Instagram pictures of how your Halloween office party treats turned out? We’ll keep an eye out on October 31st.

Happy Halloween!

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