12 Unforgettable New Year’s office party ideas

This post was updated November 2019.

Bringing in the New Year with your colleagues? Planning a New Year’s office party for sometime in late December or early January?

Regardless of when you’re hosting the office party, it’s always a good idea to celebrate the wins of the past year and welcome the new with your team. Stay tuned for our blog post in the new year where we’ll discuss the importance of setting aside time to set goals, intentions and uncover personal career, team and company dreams (and how to stick to them).

But, today, we’re sharing our top simple-to-do (and some DIY) ideas to help you organize an unforgettable New Year’s office party.

12 New Year’s Eve office party ideas

1. Throw a costume or themed office party

Hoping to get your colleagues to dress up for the New Year’s Eve festivities? Why not set a dress-up theme for your party? Go for the 20s and see everyone’s best-oversized suits and sequin flapper dresses. Or, plan a futuristic party and see all of the creative ways people dress up—and what they think of the future.

2. Cater the office party with good, fun food

Every good party needs food, whether it’s snacks and charcuterie or a fully-catered meal. Think of how you want to treat your staff and make sure there’s enough food that people don’t go home hungry—or get too intoxicated. As you probably know, we can help you cater any event with the best local dishes (and snacks, treats, drinks, desserts, dinners and hangover brunches) that your city has to offer.
Foodee new years office party

3. Find an exclusive venue for your New Year’s Eve office party

Branching out from your office for the party? Consider renting a venue that no one would’ve thought of—and would be interesting to explore if the party’s a flop. For example, maybe you could rent out your local museum, art gallery, science center, hotel ballroom, party cruise boat, or a covered rooftop in the city.

4. Throw in a few party tricks

Whether you take your staff to a casino to play some card games and slots or plan some fun games around the venue or office, party games are a great way to break the ice. Lay out a Twister board, organize two resolutions and a lie, or set up a DIY NYE hat-making station.

5. Bring in a DJ or live band

No office party is complete without music. Consider asking colleagues to submit their favourite party songs to a playlist or splurge on a good DJ or live band. Ask around the office—you never know who might be secretly musical or know someone who would be perfect for your party. If all else fails, local cover bands are a great way to get everyone singing along.

6. Make a toast to your team

No matter what you’re toasting to—a great year behind you, the future of the business, the new year, or being surrounded by such a talented team—make it a priority to cheers to them. Grab a sparkling wine, champagne, cocktail or fizzy fruit juice and say a few nice words as a toast your team. A few words of encouragement and acknowledgement go a long way.

7. Deck the halls

If you chose a theme for your office party, pick up some party favours and decorations to match the theme. No theme? No worries. Lights, party horns, confetti, sparklers, fun signage, candles, balloons and basically anything shiny are great to spruce up a boring office or oversized-rental venue. Anything gold and silver scream New Year’s Eve party decor.

Foodee new years office party

8. Provide fun work swag

Take your office party decorations to the next level with some NYE-related work swag. For example, swag mugs, cups, coasters or flasks with your logo on it could be near the cocktail bar at the party. Toques, mittens, scarves and other warming-related swag are on-theme at any NYE work party. Just be mindful of the planet and go easy on wasteful products—choose recycled, reusable or homemade, DIY swag products (the same should be said about the decorations, as well).

9. Get people to hashtag share

Some generations believe that a party didn’t happen if it wasn’t posted on social media. Okay, that’s not true, but add a few picture frames with your work logo (and fun dress-up items like NYE glasses or hats) to the picture—and if nothing else, you have company culture-related content for the upcoming year.

10. Make a clock wall for the countdown

If you’re hosting a NYE party for your staff on December 31st, consider making a wall of clocks for the ultimate countdown. Strategically place a bottle of bubbly on ice nearby and you’re set for the midnight countdown!

11. Consider the countdown ball-drop

Go the extra mile for your office party and tie a net full of balloons to the ceiling or get sparkles or confetti to blast across the crowd at midnight. If you’re looking for something easier to clean up and organize, consider passing around sparklers and matches and a few noise-makers just before the clock strikes twelve.

12. Setup a late-night snack and hot cocoa bar

Speaking of twelve, here’s our final idea for an unforgettable New Years office party. For all those who stuck around to see the bell toll into the new year, reveal a late-night snack table or hot cocoa bar for all those who have the munchies or just want to get cozy before heading home.

Happy New Year from our team to yours!

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