10 Food Podcasts You’ll Be Hooked On

Let’s set the record straight. For those that quote unquote love food, eating isn’t enough anymore. To properly call yourself a fully fledged foodie, you better be consuming all the best food podcasts also. Here’s our top ten:

House of Carbs

House of Carbs podcast cover image

Brought to you by The Ringer Podcast Network, House of Carbs chronicles the appetizing adventures of one Joe House, a DC native and foodie fanatic. House is an absolute treat to listen to, and with his lineup of tantalizing guests – including Momofuku’s David Chang, and best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell – there’s no end to this show’s charm. Tune in for all kinds of food news, fun facts and flat out hilarious discussions.

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast's cover image of many burnt toasts lined up; one with butter on it

Food52 is one of the internet’s most popular food blogs, and since 2015, they’ve been serving up their own original podcast: Burnt Toast. Hosted by Kenzi Wilbur, each episode explores different aspects of food culture, including the worst food in White House history and the origins of the banana peel slipping gag.

Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk podcasters

Having recently released their 300th episode (holy cow, right?), the Spilled Milk podcast is a treasure trove of side-splitting moments. Comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton take on all kinds of food-friendly topics, such as Animal Crackers, Chicken Pot Pie and Gas Station Candy. No topic is too absurd, and by episodes’s end, you’ll most likely be gasping for air.

The Eater Upsell

Eater Upsell logos on matchboxes

In the world of culinary content, Eater is king, and their podcast, The Eater Upsell, is just another notch in the belt. Hosts Helen Rosner and Greg Morabito bring on a number guests to discuss “smart talk and shameless gossip with the food world’s most interesting people.” This is fun, informative, and sure to please.

The Sporkful

Sporkful podcaster in front of chart of colored sweet potato chips

Advertised as a podcast “not for foodies, but for eaters,” The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman dives into some of the bizarre details throughout the food world. From the geometry of pizza all the way to the best food to pair at the beach, there’s no oddball topic he can’t handle. Each episode clocks in around about a half hour, resulting in one of the best-binge podcasts.

Food is the New Rock

Podcaster from Food is the New Rock

For those that are just as interested in music as they are food, Food is the New Rock may be the best food podcast for you. Who would have thought there would be so much overlap between the two subjects? Somehow, host Zach Brooks (along with a rotating roster of co-hosts) manages to strike a balance. Featuring musical guests such as Questlove (pictured above), Henry Rollins and Action Bronson (as well as a number of food industry experts), you’re sure to get your fill.

Go Fork Yourself

Go fork yourself podcast cartoon cover image

Pardon our French, but Go Fork Yourself is one of the best food podcasts available online. Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern, accompanied by globe-trotting food expert Molly Mogren, discuss their favourite places to eat around the world, as well as other interesting bits and bites.

First We Eat

An old school microphone next to books from 'First We Eat' podcast

If you’re interested the in the finer points of food, First We Eat may be your best bet. This is a pod for food nerds, by food nerds, exploring all sorts of strange stuff. Ever wonder what the union and confederate troops ate in the civil war? Or how about what the white fuzz on the outside of salami is made of? If these kinds of questions resonate with you, take a listen.


Munchies podcast cover image of a messy table full of snacks and drinks

Since their inception in 1994, Vice Media has delved into a number of journalistic disciplines, including culinary content. Munchies is the branch of their organization that covers everything from Taco Bell to fish tongues. Check out their podcast for all kinds of cool content.

The Menu

The Menu podcast logo

When it comes to quality, The Menu is a must. A comprehensive guide to food, drink and entertaining, this podcast features some of the world’s most renown industry experts. If you’re ever interested in knowing what will be the next big thing, this is where one will find out.


Gravy podcast logo

With so much to be said about southern soul food, listeners of The Gravy have lots to look forward to. Tune in for an intimate look at those who grow, cook and serve southern meals. Feast on all the best food podcasts! That should be more than enough to last you until the new year. Find more great culinary content on the Foodee blog!

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