10 Best Soups in Minneapolis

They say chicken soup is for the soul, but we still prefer it to keep warm. Winter is already on its way, and before long, you’ll be looking for the the best cup in town. Save yourself some time: we’ve compiled the top ten best soups in Minneapolis.

The Lynhall

2640 Lyndale Ave S

Best soups in Minneapolis Lynhall

Warm up with: Tomato Soup What better way to warm up than with a red hot tomato soup? Creamy – oh so full of flavor – and equipped with a bread stick on the side, this bisque will brighten up your day.

Namaste Cafe

2512 Hennepin Ave

Best soups in Minneapolis Namaste

Warm up with: Fried Dal Don’t tell me you don’t know what dal is? Dal fry is a spicy Punjabi dish made from mixed dals, like toor, chana and moong. If you’re in need of a little heat – and we’re talking spice, mind you – stop by Namaste.

Quang Restaurant

2719 Nicollet Ave

Best soups in Minneapolis Quang

Warm up with: Mi Hoanh Thanh Otherwise known as a wonton noodle soup, this Vietnamese dish is fully loaded with all kinds of tasty stuff. Quang Restaurant is known for their versatile menu, but this item is our favorite.

Turtle Bread

3421 W 44th St

Best soups in Minneapolis Turtle Restaurant

Warm up with Tomato Basil The soup so nice we included it twice…Yes, tomato basil is one of the very best, and when it comes from Turtle Bread, you’ve got it even better.

Tori Ramen

161 N Victoria St

Best soups in Minneapolis Tori Ramen

Warm up with: Chicken Noodle Soup (Torikotsu) A Japanese spin on the North American Classic, Torikotsu is a great way to warm up on a winter’s day. Tori Ramen is known as a pretty snug spot, so you’ll be cozy right away with this bowl of chicken noodle soup.


730 N Washington Ave

Best soups in Minneapolis Borough

Warm up with: The Mussels Believe me, the broth that comes with this bowl is a thing of beauty. Borough is known for their craft cocktails and bar bites, but it’s the broth that you should really look forward to.

Masu Sushi & Robata

330 E Hennepin Ave

Best soups in Minneapolis Pork Belly Ramen

Warm up with: Pork Belly Ramen Pork belly perfection, soaked in soup: that’s how I’d describe this delicious dish. Whenever hunger hits, head to Masu Sushi. You’ll be glad you did!

The St. Paul Grill

350 Market St

Best soups in Minneapolis Wild Rice

Warm up with: Cream of Minnesota Wild Rice Cream of Wild Rice may just be the world’s best comfort food. If you’re ever looking to get comfy, you know where to go.

Hoban Korean Restaurant

1989 Silver Bell Rd.

Best soups in Minneapolis Hoban

Warm up with: Hot Pot Glorious, isn’t it? This enormous hot pot could be yours next time you head into Hoban Korean Restaurant. Providing a ton of different options, you could spend a week or two tasting each one.


410 St Peter St

Best soups in Minneapolis Meritage

Warm up with: Chicken and Matzo Ball Soup There’s a whole lotta motza floating around Minny, but the bowl at Meritage is one of the best. If you’re ever feeling under the weather, head on over for some quick relief. We wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather stay inside. In case you’re curled up at home, here are the ten best food documentaries currently on Netflix.

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