Foodee Footprint

Foodee Footprint

The Foodee Footprint

At Foodee, we don’t work with just anyone, because we don’t just sell food. We sell food that makes a difference. That’s why we only partner with local owner-operated restaurants. We support businesses that nourish local communities, environments and food cultures. Here’s how:


Support Local


Locally-owned restaurants are contributing community members, favouring local farms and food culture and decreasing carbon footprints with less transport.

Sustainable Packaging


Our restaurant partners prioritize 100% recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging, utensils and napkins to help save our planet.

Zero Food Waster

Food Waste

Our carefully created custom meals serve just the right amount of food for any team meal to help eliminate food waste.

Environmentally-Conscious Delivery

Environmentally Conscious

We deliver meals on bicycles for short-distance deliveries and carefully plan and group together long-distance deliveries for reduced emissions.

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