Our Delivery Partners

See the everyday heroes of our communities

Our partner delivery drivers help keep our communities safe and our restaurants open during the pandemic.

Who we work with

Foodee partners with best in class logistics companies across all our cities. With expert knowledge on food delivery and the local roads, our partner drivers deliver exceptional meals from the city’s top local restaurants.

Health and safety

Our delivery drivers are committed to your team’s health and safety. From pickup to delivery, our goal is to ensure you can safely stay indoors while our drivers bring freshly prepared meals to your office.

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Commitment to fair earnings

Foodee works closely with our logistics partners to ensure our delivery drivers earn a competitive wage for fulfilling corporate deliveries.

Tipping Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are integral to the survival of local restaurants during the pandemic.

To show your appreciation to your delivery driver, we recommend our clients to leave a tip when you finalize and place your order.

Foodee guarantees 100% of your tip will be added to your delivery driver’s earnings. Drivers do not incur a service charge when receiving any of their tips.

Maeve Russel
Production Manager at Beyond Capture Studios

“Our most important criteria is punctuality. Our lunch must fit within those blocks and can not be late or too early. Before Foodee, orders from other food couriers were often delivered with mistakes, and the separated tip/meal receipts were problematic on the accounting side. Employee satisfaction with our lunches has increased since using the service.”

Maeve Russel
Production Manager at Beyond Capture Studios

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