Double Your Lunch Rush. Add A Foodee Link

Double Your Lunch Rush. Add A Foodee Link

Drive More Sales

Our Google Analytics show that prominent backlinks can increase sales by $3,000-$4,000 per month.

Strengthen The Partnership

We are proud to work with every single one of our partners and we hope you are proud to work with Foodee. Showcasing this to clients is an important part of our partnership.

Rank Higher on Google

Linking to another high traffic site will push your restaurant higher up on Google, so you benefit from non-Foodee traffic as well.

How to add a Foodee Link:

Create a new header link named ‘Corporate Catering’

This can be done in your website builder (or contact your web designer). Once you’ve created it, link it to your Foodee Menu web page

Download our logo here and add it to your homepage

Use these to add a Foodee logo to your homepage and link it to your Foodee Menu web page



Let the Foodee team know via email when it’s done

So we can check everything is ok, our team is happy to test and make sure everything is working as it should


Example 1: The Parlour

Parlour have opted to have a direct click option under ‘Order online’ and ‘Corporate Delivery’

Example 2: Verdura

Verdura have opted for a Foodee logo that fits with their brand, this can be requested from our marketing team.

Example 3: Kin Kao

Kin Kao have “office catering” that is a direct link to the Foodee website and fits with the overall brand of the page.