Your Guide to Hosting the Best Halloween Office Party


Your Guide to Hosting the Best Halloween Office Party

By Foodee
October 17, 2017

With only two weeks until October 31st, offices everywhere are planning to throw the best Halloween parties possible. But what goes into an amazing monster mash? Is it cobwebs and cocktails or carvings and costumes? Can it be both? Have no fear, we’re here with your guide to hosting the best Halloween office party!

Encourage Everyone to Dress Up

Best Halloween Office Party Dress Up

Dressing up may not be the most important part of Halloween, but it comes pretty darn close! Convincing everyone could be tough, but there are some simple ways to get most people involved. For instance, a costume contest will encourage people to get creative, while suggesting a theme will make sure no one wants to miss out. If all else fails, you can ask that everyone at least bust out the freaky formal wear!

Quick Ideas:

– Costume contest
– Set a theme
– Freaky formal wear

Get Decorating

best Halloween office party decorate

Outfitting your office with decorations doesn’t need to be difficult. Because let’s get real: no one is expecting a haunted house. All it takes is a bit of effort, and you’ll be done in no time.

The dollar store is a great place to pick up bits and bobs, such as balloons, cobwebs, and other chilling trinkets. If you feel like stepping it up a notch, there are an endless amount of DIY decorations for you to sink your teeth into. From spiders and webs to floating heads, check out this awesome list.

Quick Ideas:

– Cobwebs on everything!
– Balloons
– DIY decorations

Figure out the Food

Best Halloween Office Party Food

Trick or treat? Snacks or supper? Unless you want a room full of famished fiends, nailing the food is a must. Potlucks are a great way to get everyone in the office involved, just make sure you know what people are bringing. Providing spooky snacks is also an easy way to feed your team. Check out some of these ideas from Food Network Magazine.

But if you’re serious about the spread, your best bet is to order food in. Foodee has a ton of fantastic options for you to choose from, and in some cases, can even accommodate special Halloween orders. Contact us today to cater your office party!  

Quick Ideas:

– Potluck
– Spooky snacks
– Order in!

Creepy Cocktails

Best Halloween Office Party Food Drinks

While we understand the importance of keeping things classy, there’s nothing wrong with providing a couple complimentary drinks at any work function. From creepy cocktails to craft beer, there are so many cool things you can do with a Halloween-themed drink list. Check out these ideas if you’re in need of inspiration.

Quick Ideas:

– Spooky spirits
– Pumpkin ale
– Boo-zy punch bowl

Game on?

Best Halloween Office Party Food Games

When it comes to organizing the best Halloween office party, preplanned games are a bit of a grey area. On the one hand, employees are looking to relax, meaning that any kind of “forced-fun” will seem more like a chore. On the other hand, a great game is a good way to break the ice, and can give people something to look forward to. We’ll let you make the final call, but as a rule of thumb, make sure to read the room before asking people to do anything.

Quick Ideas:

– Pumpkin carving
– Bobbing for apples
– Skip the games

There’s still plenty of time to organize the best Halloween office party! If you’re looking for more great culinary content, check out the Foodee blog!


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