Workplace culture: What the 7 best places to work in 2019 have in common

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
January 30, 2019

One of the leading job search and recruiting websites, Glassdoor.com, recently published a list of the best places to work in 2019 in the US. We want to know what these American companies have in common and discover how important workplace culture is for today’s employees.

After all, if the average American spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, it’s for the best that they enjoy their work, feel satisfied and happy and can find work-life balance in their workplace culture.

Workplace culture: What do the top 7 “best places to work in 2019” have in common?

This list of best places to work was compiled based on company reviews and ratings from anonymous current, past and considering employees in the US. Based on millions of reviews, the Glassdoor.com team considered the quantity, quality and consistency of reviews for companies.

Based on that information, here are the 2019 best places to work:

What do the employee reviews (both pros and cons) have to say about each company? And what can we determine about the role that workplace culture plays and what is important to employees today?

Tl;dr? In a nutshell, employees everywhere care about work-life balance.

1. Bain & Company

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

“Highly interesting job, with very steep learning curve” (in 81 reviews)
“Good work-life balance while still offering a challenging environment” (in 81 reviews)

“Work life balance (is a given in the industry)” (in 335 reviews)
“Unpredictable schedule; Long hours; High expectations” (in 386 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: It sounds like many employees in the consulting business find it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance in the industry. This company may be no different, depending on who you talk to.

2. Zoom Video Communications

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

Top-down focus on delivering happiness to customers and employees” (in 24 reviews)
“Great company culture in all offices” (in 19 reviews)

“It’s a growing company so there are some growing pains around process but those are good problems to have” (in 20 reviews)
“Growing so fast that it’s difficult to remember the names of new hires you meet each week” (in 10 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: Employees at Zoom Video Comms care about happiness and company culture. Despite the growing pains of being such an in-demand company to work for, it sounds like an exciting workplace culture is being maintained across many offices.

3. In-N-Out Burger

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

“Great pay (for anyone who needs a job)” (in 173 reviews)
“Good pay and lots of things to do and learn” (in 129 reviews)

Fast-paced environment, have to make sure to keep up” (in 113 reviews)
“Can be stressful at times during the rush but you learn to handle it” (in 23 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: In-N-Out Burger employees hit the ground running but get paid well to work hard and work fast.

4. Procure Technologies

Workplace culture(Source: Procure Technologies)

What the people have to say about the company:

“Work life balance really depends on your individual department and team (just about like everywhere else)” (in 17 reviews)
“Very nice work environment and work-life balance also” (in 18 reviews)

“There are no cons that I can think of” (in 19 reviews)
“Quickly growing startup; still going through growing pains” (in 18 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: The employees at Procore Technologies (like most tech employees) are attracted to the company’s work-life balance and work environment.

5. Boston Consulting Group

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

“Steep learning curve and exposure to multiple industries and practice areas” (in 86 reviews)
“‘PTO’ program baked into cases to help proactively address work-life balance & other case experience issues” (in 76 reviews)

“Really terrible work-life balance” (in 414 reviews)
“Sometimes long hours on the road” (in 346 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: Long hours, steep learning curves and “terrible” work-life balance didn’t throw this company off the best list. It sounds like their insistence to proactively address the workplace culture issues might be helping keep employees happy.

6. Linkedin

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

“Amazing work-life balance (you control your own hours)” (in 218 reviews)
“Thought leadership culture and values” (in 80 reviews)

“Obtaining work/life balance can be challenging” (in 75 reviews)
“Lots of mediocre middle-management bloat” (in 53 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: Once you’ve obtained a good work-life balance at LinkedIn, which can be challenging, it’s “amazing” and you can control your own hours.

7. Facebook

Workplace cultureWhat the people have to say about the company:

“Great work-life balance (this depends on teams)” (in 104 reviews)
“Amazing benefits for Full Time Employees including free food, stipends for gym memberships & free dry cleaning” (in 273 reviews)

“Work/Life balance can be hard to achieve” (in 299 reviews)
“Move fast culture can sometimes mean no incentives to clean up tech debt” (in 69 reviews)

Top workplace culture takeaways: Depending on who you talk to, there’s either great work-life balance or hard-to-achieve work-life balance at Facebook. But, if you work full time and can find some kind of free time when you’re not cleaning up tech debt, then employees bask in free food in their freshly laundered clothing and chiseled bodies.

What do the top 7 best companies to work for need more of?

Work-life balance.

Here’s a blog post we wrote on 5 work-life balance tips from Denver, Co companies that might help.

Or, check out what real work-life balance means in our post 5 work-life balance hacks.

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