Why Foodee partnerships work

Restaurants have an ever growing number of meal delivery options to choose from. So what should leading restaurants look for in a delivery partner? And what kind of restaurant partners does a premium corporate delivery service, like Foodee, look for in a partner?

At Foodee, we don’t work with just anyone, because we don’t just sell food. We sell food that makes a difference. For us, that means partnering with local owner-operated restaurant businesses. It means supporting dedicated business owners and employees who want to make a difference to their city’s vibrant food culture. It also means that these businesses support local and sustainable farms that produce real food—food that’s good for us and our planet. And in turn they make the best local eats in cities across North America.

Our business flourishes because we choose the right partners—and together we are stronger. Let us explain.

Why Foodee partnerships work

Foodee has nearly 700 partners in 10 markets. So why are we—a small Canadian company with 75 employees—a preferred food delivery service over mammoths like UberEats and Foodora?

Because we carefully evaluate whether each partnership is mutually beneficial when it comes to sales, operations and brand. We ask ourselves:

  1. Can we significantly increase your sales?
  2. Can we help you make large corporate orders easy to execute?
  3. Can we collaborate to grow our brands together?

If yes, then it’s the beginning of a meaningful relationship—and one that we will work hard to grow. After only four years in the corporate catering business, less than two percent of our restaurant partners have left us (some because they sold their business or closed their doors). But Foodee isn’t perfect, nor do we pretend to be. We’re intimately aware of the challenges of owning and operating a business in the restaurant industry. Here’s how we can help each other.

Increased sales

Here’s how we add revenue to our partners’ bottom lines:

  • Large orders: Most corporate clients place orders for 15-30 people, but it is common to receive orders for 30-60. Kitchens that can successfully fulfill larger orders receive +60 person orders regularly.
  • Advanced notice: Our corporate clients almost always know in advance when they will be ordering food to the office—giving our partners time to prepare.
  • Off-peak hour pickups: Our drivers typically pick up large orders between 10:45-11:45 am, so we don’t interfere with your lunch rush—we actually extend it.

Simplified operations

Here’s how we help simplify and support our partner’s operations:

  • Simple ordering system: We use simple advanced-notice email orders, so no tablets or extra technology is necessary. These include printable summaries, labels and a confirmation button that tells us you’re good-to-go.
  • Simple menu: We collaborate with our partners to create a smaller, focused menu that best represents their brand, travels well and is simple to make.
  • Company-wide support: Our concierge team provides dedicated and personalized support. Our professionally trained driver team ensures smooth pickup and delivery, while providing excellent customer service. Plus, our friendly sales team takes great pride in representing every brand as if it were their own.

Unified brand experience

Here’s how we help deliver a streamlined, on-brand experience to corporate offices:

  • Professionally-trained driver team: Our drivers are an extension of our partners’ businesses. They dress-to-impress and provide clients with assistance upon arrival, both with set-up and quality assurance.
  • Packaging and presentation: We care about packaging and presentation—and work hard to make sure that everything travels well. Plus, we offer all serving utensils and encourage compostable options for reduced waste.

Sharing is caring

No matter how much our partners sell, if they aren’t making money, nobody wins. Because we operate a shared-market economy business, we divide the margin between our customers and suppliers. In other words, Foodee’s service cost is shared between our clients and restaurant partners.

Foodee is unique because our partners are unique. Together we can nourish both our city’s local businesses and its growing food culture.

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