Why choose Foodee for your food delivery service


Why choose Foodee for your food delivery service

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
October 16, 2019

Overwhelmed by choice when it comes to food delivery service? You’re not alone. 

The food delivery service market is now saturated with a plethora of delivery companies for your home and for your office—and delivered from everywhere from chain restaurants and grocery stores to local restaurants. 

In fact, the global food delivery service market stands at €83 billion. That is 1% of the total food market and 4% of food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains. Consumers have traditionally called in restaurant orders and waited for it to arrive at their homes. Perhaps surprisingly, this model still has a 90% market share—with almost 75% of orders still being placed by phoning in

But times are changing. Quickly. By 2025, the online food delivery market is set to hit $200 billion

For consumers, this begs the question now and in the near future: How do you decide which food delivery service to support? What’s the difference? 

Obviously we’re biased toward Foodee, but for more reasons than you may expect.

5 reasons to choose Foodee as your go-to food delivery service

1. Feed your modern office
food delivery service

Foodee’s most obvious differentiator from other food delivery service companies is that we only deliver to offices.

In fact, our entire business model revolves around office catering. We specialize in feeding companies in cities across North America daily and weekly lunches (and breakfasts, snacks and dinners) for 10 to over 500 employees.

Why? We get company culture and know the multifaceted importance of feeding our teams. Not only do team lunches bring employees together, but they also keep them productive, motivated, socialized, happy and healthy. Plus, providing free food at work is quickly becoming more of an attractive company perk for businesses in competitive markets such as technology.

2. Support local restaurants

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Foodee only partners with local, owner-operated restaurants. That means no chain restaurants and instead, a huge variety of cuisine-types and trendy, new and beloved staple restaurants in your city.

Supporting local has been core to our business since day one. We value our local communities and our neighbours and want every small restaurant business to have the same chance to thrive—and reach an expansive market—as chain restaurants do. Local restaurants tend to have a smaller footprint, support other local businesses and farmers and value seasonal produce and quality meals, just like we do.

3. Experts in corporate catering

We’ve spent years perfecting our products, services, partnerships and platform technology for corporate catering.

For example, we work with our local restaurant partners to develop menus for office catering through Foodee. That means that items aren’t too messy, they’re easy to share and customize with dietary restrictions and are scalable for any team size. Specific restaurant partners can even guarantee large orders at a quick turnaround.

Likewise, our delivery and logistics partners specialize in office deliveries and understand the intricacies of corporate catering and etiquette. They know that office lunches and meals must be served and set-up on-time and accurately, every time.

4. Talk to real people when you need help

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Unlike many multinational online food delivery service companies, if your order is running behind, doesn’t arrive, or arrives incorrectly, you can connect with our Foodee concierge team directly. Our customer service team follows every order from the restaurant to your office door, so we know of any issues before you do—and can send text and email notifications.

Plus, we have local food experts on the ground in every Foodee city that we deliver in. They can recommend where to eat and what to order and even help you make daily and weekly meal plans for your entire company.

5. Online ordering platform for teams

Our online ordering platform is easy-to-use and built to scale with your business growth.

If you’re ordering food for a small team of individuals, easily choose from a variety of different cuisine types, restaurants, and dietary preferences. If you’re ordering for an entire company with multiple teams and budgetary restraints, use our Team Orders or Foodee Enterprise platform to let individuals order their entire weekly meal plan within budget and on-time, in advance.

To learn more about Foodee, sign up to learn more and see if we’re a good fit for you and your food delivery service needs. 

Happy ordering!

Sam Milbrath

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