The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Food Etiquette

Why is it that there’s a million different tips to eat healthy in the office but never any outlines on basic food etiquette? Washing the dishes and taking out the trash may seem simple enough, but wherever you turn, there’s always someone disregarding good form. Trust us, we’re in the business of office catering—and we’ve seen it all. Maybe if we saw ourselves as being anything other than onlookers we’d be able to make some progress, but until then, we’ll have to rely on this as a public service announcement. As such, here are Foodee’s do’s and don’ts on how to eat in a work environment.

The do’s and don’t of office food etiquette

Do: Clean up after yourself

It’s one thing if you’re a messy person, it’s another if you’re letting your better-left-at-home habits contaminate the workplace. Discarded wrappers, trailing breadcrumbs and unreturned utensils deserve a swift slap on the wrist and a prompt reeducation in the ways of social standards. Honestly, your coworkers will appreciate a cleaner office.

Don’t: Spoil the workspace

Aggressive aromas need to be kept under control. No ifs ands or buts. Smell is acceptable, stink needs to go. While an in-office embargo on fish and eggs may be a bit extreme, make sure to eat these musty meals in the privacy of your own cubicle. You might be subject to dismissal if not.

Do: Get up from your desk

Don’t eat at your desk. Just don’t. And if you do, make sure to compensate with a walk-around later on. Despite what your manager may tell you, productivity requires breathers and breaks. Eat well, get fed, and stretch those legs.

Don’t: Make a mess of the fridge

The fridge is not a piggy bank only meant to be emptied when packed to the brim. Nor is it some sort of septic tank for you to leave your food in for weeks on end. The refrigerator is something that must be respected by all who use it. As soon as any food can be referred to as questionable, you know you need to clean it out.

Do: Eat with your team

Besides being the abiding badasses of the animal kingdom, lone wolves are known for their alienation and inability to properly fend for themselves. Wolves are pack animals by nature and require a team to take down their prey of choice. We’re not talking large hoofed mammals here, but if you’re tackling a share plate or other communal finger foods, involve those around you. Great teams eat together, and by getting to know your coworkers, you might even establish a little thing called “chemistry.”

Don’t: Crowd the kitchen

Timing is everything. If you see the kitchen overrun with people trying to use the toaster oven, take some time before inserting yourself into that mass. There’s no sense in testing the kitchen’s capacity when you know there isn’t hope to get anything done. Don’t be apart of the problem. Be the solution. Learn more about how Foodee can help your office have the best corporate catering experience yet.

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