The best ice cream shops in Foodee cities


The best ice cream shops in Foodee cities

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
May 3, 2018

What better way to celebrate spring’s rising temperatures and budding cherry blossoms than with a nostalgic scoop of ice cream? Want something a little wilder than the classics? This list of the best ice cream shops in Foodee cities includes some crazy colour, flavour and ingredient combinations, the most Instagrammable ice cream treats you’ve ever seen and old school soft serve.

No matter where you are in North America—and how you like your ice cream—we’ve got your sweet tooth covered. This ice cream tour covers most cities that Foodee delivers ice cream treats in.

Sit back, grab a map, spoon and feast your eyes out on these delicious ice cream shops.

Dolce Neve, Austin, TX

Looking for some made-from-scratch classically Italian gelato? Dolce Neve uses the best local ingredients to make organic pistachio gelato, coconut milk and black raspberry jam gelato, salted caramel and vanilla gelato sammies and gelato on a stick. Best served cold, but we already knew that.

Fior Gelato, Boulder, CO

This gelato is made with 100% love, local dairy, real ingredients and completely from scratch the day it’s served. Imagine that. Some of the jaw-dropping flavours include vegan avocado strawberry, bourbon butter pecan, coconut lime ash, forest berries, London fog, vanilla lavender and midnight chocolate—to name but a few. Top that on a homemade cone with that sweet, sweet waffle smell that taunts any food lover.

JonnyPops, Minneapolis, MN

JonnyPops’ creamy smoothie-on-a-stick is the perfect healthy, delicious treat for any fresh spring day. Not only are these pops made with all-natural, simple ingredients, each stick is stamped with a message of encouragement and kindness in following with their mission: Better pop for a better world. Fresh flavours include pineapple coconut cream, strawberries and cream, chocolate coffee and cream and raspberries blueberries and cream—to name a few to their growing list of scrumptious ingredients. Plus, they’re meant to be shared, making these the perfect spring party favor for any team gathering.

Milkhouse, Philadelphia, PA

Milkhouse is home to the cheesiest grilled cheeses and creamiest homemade ice creams ever. If you pop into the restaurant, you might just find “The Underdog Shake” with Eagle’s green vanilla bean ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate drizzle, whipped cream and green sprinkles, or “The Wildcat milkshake” with vanilla bean ice cream, blueberry purée and Michigan tears (whatever that means!). Or, if you’re looking to order something easy for a team party, try a pint of their premium homemade ice cream in classic flavors like chocolate, mint, vanilla bean, cookies and cream and strawberry. Anyone hungry for ice cream yet?

Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pittsburgh, PA

This ice creamy stuff is made with 100% real dairy and is 100% lactose-free, so your tummy can feel good too. Plus, they source local dairy, fruit and flavorful ingredients whenever possible, to create a made-just-like-home taste in every cool bite. Leona’s makes small-batch ice cream pints and perfectly overloaded ice cream sandwiches. Who doesn’t love cookies and cream?!

Millie’s, Pittsburgh, PA

This shadyside scoop shop serves up homemade ice cream and ice cream cakes. If your tummy finds its way into one of Millie’s shops, try their macaron bar with its delicious gluten-free ice cream sandwiches or a scoop of the best chocolate, Chad’s vanilla, coconut lime sorbet or just plain old favourite, dulce de leche. But also, who doesn’t love a good ice cream cake to celebrate a new quarter, a birthday or a huge team win?! Think salted caramel and vanilla ice cream cake or classic combo, chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake—it’s like youth all over again.

Grinning Face, Toronto, ON

Looking for dairy-free delicious gelato treats? Aren’t we all. But Grinning Face has it with their dark and handsome chocolate, lemony lemon, mighty coconut and fresh Ontario strawberry single serve (to name but a few of these delicious flavours). These guys literally crack coconuts, make the milk and churn it into all-natural, creamy gelato one small batch at a time. That’s a whole lot of goodness. Count us in.

Sweet Jesus, Toronto, ON

Looking for something to Instagram today? Sweet Jesus is the place to be for anyone with a sweet tooth, Instagram following and serious love for imagination and experimentation. Get ready to go deep into the crazy flavour, colour and style combos. We’ve got tubs of pure heaven on delivery from this sweet shop, including flavours like cookies, cookies, cookies and cream, banging brownie and sweet baby Jesus (aka caramel ice cream, caramel and peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce and chocolate and peanut crumble). Woah. That’s a mouth-full. Plus, they serve one mean popsicle with all kinds of nuts, chocolate sauces and crazy flavours like avocado, honey and lime. Go get them, tiger.

Mister, Vancouver, BC

This crazy place serves up liquid nitrogen, literally, for a richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require any unnatural stabilizers and fillers. Mister’s ice cream is made in-house and from scratch using only natural ingredients. Think artisanal dark chocolate, Thai milk tea, double oreo with Adele’s flavour of choice, creamy lavender and the good old classic, vanilla—all available in pint-sized yumminess. Plus, they’ve got ice cream sandwiches that are perfect on-the-go.

Styo, Vancouver, BC

Last, but certainly not least on our delicious ice cream tour across North America is Styo Desserts in Vancouver, BC. This classic dessert shop serves up signature frozen yogurt, classic ice cream flavours, sweet, sweet waffles and real fruit smoothies. Most importantly though, we deliver tubs of their 100% Canadian milk-made ice cream. Looking for a classic chocolate or milk ice cream? They’ve got your back—and your gut.

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