Top 10 Protein Alternatives for Meatless Monday


Top 10 Protein Alternatives for Meatless Monday

Sam Hawkins
By Sam Hawkins
January 10, 2017

It didn’t take long for Meatless Monday to make its way into the mainstream. These days it seems like you can’t go anywhere without someone asking you whether you’d rather the tofu or tofurkey. So it should come at no surprise then that the demand for protein alternatives has never been higher.

Garfields be gone. If you and your team are looking for ways to get in on this weekly withdrawal, we’ve got the list for you. Here are the top 10 protein alternatives for Meatless Monday:


Meatless Monday oatmeal

If only Goldilocks had known…With three times the protein of brown rice, this is an obvious alternative to ham or bacon come Monday morning. Amp it up by adding in ground flaxseed or your favourite nuts. You’ll have a serious protein punch on your hands.

Hemp Milk

Meatless Monday hemp milk

Hemp milk may not pack as much protein as other dairy alternatives, but it is a great solution for anyone with soy allergies. The best part is if you have extra hemp seed at home, you can make your own milk by blending 1/4 cup hemp seed with 2 cups of water. It might just save you a trip to the store.


Meatless Monday quinoa

No list of protein alternatives is complete without quinoa making an appearance. With roughly 14 grams of protein per 100 grams, these grain-like seeds carry an incredible amount for a non-meat. Switch up your side of rice or pasta with this well-rounded addition to your diet.


Meatless Monday edamame

A side dish staple, you can find these green soybeans in most North American grocery stores. Besides being a splendid source of protein (11 grams per 100 grams), edamame contains healthy fats and nutrients.


Meatless Monday spinach

Spinach may be the most recognizable super food of the 21st century, and it has more to do than just a comic-strip sailor. At this point, spinach has been around the block and back, and if you’re not already incorporating it into your Meatless Monday, you should be.

Peanut Butter

Meatless Monday peanut butter

You didn’t hear it from us, but Skippy and Jif are perfect as a protein supplement. Peanut butter is packed with 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, and tastes great too. Put it on toast or use it as a dip for your apples.


Meatless Monday seitan

Seitan, also known as Wheat Gluten, is a super food in the flesh. Made up of 75% protein, this Meatless Monday morsel is akin more to tofu than it is to bread.

Greek Yogurt

Meatless Monday greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has made its name as an awesome substitute for both regular yogurt and sour cream. Great with everything from oatmeal to tzatziki, this sauce is bound to make you blush.


Meatless Monday eggs

Technically not meat, but some may still shake their heads. Regardless, eggs need no introduction as sweet source of protein, and are an easy option for any kind of meal.


Meatless Monday tempeh

Another weird one. In the same vein as tofu, Tempeh is a soy product with fantastic health benefits. As well as being a source of protein, tempeh provides cardiovascular benefits and has been noted as having anti-cancer properties.

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