3 ideas to maintain company culture while working remotely

Office managers are often tasked with building and supporting company culture. However, during this unprecedented time of health and safety concerns, this can be challenging for office managers as companies work remotely. 

What Office Managers Do and Why They’re so Important

Rather than ask “what do office managers do”, the question should really be: “what don’t they do?” But, in the spirit of celebrating and acknowledging the work that office managers do every day and in a crisis, let’s discuss this dynamic role and its importance in the workplace.

Coronavirus and Workplace Food Health and Safety

Office managers have an important job in managing the day-to-day operations and procedures in the workplace. This isn't easy, considering workforce health and safety is paramount during the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Where to Get the Best Office Meals

You’re in charge of feeding your office and that’s no small feat. Monday’s office meal needs to lift everyone out of a mood. Tuesday and Wednesday’s office meals should be healthy, fun, fresh and new.

Top Catering Ideas for your Office Meals

As an office manager, your task list is never-ending and ever-expanding. You don’t have time for frivolous reading or perusing for inspiration. But, you still have to order corporate catering to your office—and your bosses and colleagues expect it to be varied, fresh, delicious, new, inspired, easy-to-eat and on time.

What I’ve learned about startups, leadership and imposter syndrome

My first job was scooping ice cream at the local baseball stadium. I put myself through college as a caterer and server. Not so many years ago, I joined a startup called Foodee, which at the time was just five people.