Why Company Culture is More Than a “Thing”

Picture yourself sitting in a plastic lecture hall chair, listening to a presentation on company culture. In addition to an impending need for a chiropractor, you'll probably be presented with standard definitions like: “Company culture is a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.”

Top 10 Protein Alternatives for Meatless Monday

It didn't take long for Meatless Monday to make its way into the mainstream. These days it seems like you can't go anywhere without someone asking you whether you'd rather the tofu or tofurkey.

How-to Order Food for the Office

Depending on who you talk to, having to order food for the office can be a pretty tricky task. Whether your team tops over one hundred people or is only made up of a handful, understanding everyone's appetite is never easy.

The Best Food Holidays of the Year

Foodies, it's time to celebrate. Why? Because, thankfully, almost every day of the year is some kind of food holiday! So no matter whether it's December 20th and you're celebrating National Sangria Day or it's June 20th and you're enjoying National Vanilla Milkshake Day, there's always something to celebrate with these best food holidays of the year.

Corporate Catering: Six Steps for Organizing the Perfect Work Event

There comes a time in any office (hopefully sooner than later) when pizza no longer makes the cut. Whether you're arranging the annual holiday party, preparing a monthly team building meeting or trying to impress clients or recruits, the key to a great office lunch or corporate catering of any kind all comes down to planning.

How Ice Cream Experts Keep it Cool

With summer getting started, ice cream season is in full swing. You’re already having your office meals brought in, so why not have your favourite organic vanilla bean ice cream delivered too?