How-to Order Food for the Office


How-to Order Food for the Office

Sam Hawkins
By Sam Hawkins
December 22, 2016

Depending on who you talk to, having to order food for the office can be a pretty tricky task. Whether your team tops over one hundred people or is only made up of a handful, understanding everyone’s appetite is never easy. But if you have the proper tool, taking this on shouldn’t be tough.

Introducing Team Order

Team Order is the easiest way to order food for the office and is available through Foodee. Instead of collecting all the orders yourself, now you can get your team members to choose their food items on their own. All you need to do is:

  • Pick a restaurant
  • Set the details
  • Share the unique link with your team
  • Sit back as your order auto-submits

Long story short: no more chasing down lunch orders. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

Pick a Restaurant

Pick a Restaurant order food for the office

Foodee is fully loaded with a number of awesome restaurants and most are available using our Team Order tool. Having trouble deciding which restaurant to choose from? Send out a straw poll to see where everyone’s appetite is at, or ask one of our food experts for a hand.

Set the Details

Set a Budget order food for the office

This is  your chance to lay the groundwork. Figure out what each person is allowed to spend and when they must have their order submitted by. Each member of you team will be allowed to select as many items as they want, as long as it is within the budget you have set.

Share the Unique Link with Your Team

Ask for feedback order food for the office

Once you’ve settled on the restaurant, budget, and delivery date, you can send out the unique link for everyone to place their orders. It’s as easy as them opening their email, and clicking on what they want to eat.

Sit Back as Your Order Auto-submits

Ask for feedback Team Order

Once you reach your cutoff period, your order will be automatically submitted.

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Sam Hawkins

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