Top 10 Gifts for Your Office Secret Santa


Top 10 Gifts for Your Office Secret Santa

By Foodee
December 13, 2017

If the holiday season weren’t stressful enough, now you have to worry about your office Secret Santa. Yikes! We spend a ton of time around our coworkers, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to shop for them. If you’re looking for great gift ideas at an inexpensive price, we’ve got ten of the best for you to choose from. Check it out!

A Gift Card to Your Office’s Closest Cafe

office secret santa coffee

Nothing says “I hardly know you” like a $25 gift card to your office’s closest cafe. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad gift. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. So many office Secret Santa presents serve no purpose other than to be opened. This one isn’t only practical, it could save someone some stress this holiday season.

Workplace Performance Enhancers

office secret santa puzzle

Handheld puzzles – such as a Rubik’s Cube – may seem out of place in the office. Aren’t they just a waste of time? In some cases, sure, we see what you mean. But in others, they may even help employees solve problems. According to one source, it could even heighten your creativity and help develop critical thinking.

Cozy Blanket

office secret santa blankets

For those that are constantly cold, a cozy blanket small enough to stow at your desk is the crème de la crème of office Secret Santa gifts. Help warm up your workplace with this practical present.

Potted Plants and Terrariums

office secret santa plant

Potted plants and terrariums are a stylish decision for any Secret Santa gift. Make sure to get something that’s fairly low maintenance and won’t require much in the way of water or sunlight.


office secret santa books

Ignore the recent influx of non-reading related materials at Barnes and Noble. People still like to read. Do a little digging on what your recipient is interested in, and go from there. Otherwise, check out Amazon’s most popular products based on sales.

Desk Accessories

office secret santa desk

From multi coloured crayons to next year’s calendar, there are a number of fun desk accessories for your office Secret Santa. This also happens to be the sliest way to tell someone that should clean up their space.

French Press

office secret santa french press

Almost everyone can appreciate a quality cup of coffee, especially when they can have it at home. Help your coworker kick off their morning with this thoughtful office Secret Santa gift.

Movie Tickets

office secret santa movies

Netflix has changed the way we watch movies, but there are still a few films released each year that are more properly viewed on the big screen. A handful of movie tickets won’t provide you with popcorn, but at least it’ll get you through the door.

Chocolates, Treats, Homemade Goodies

office secret santa chocolates

Whether or not you make these at home, holiday treats are almost always appreciated. Himalayan salt chocolates, fudge, dark chocolate bark, white chocolate pretzels…the list goes on.


office secret santa booze

The easiest and most obvious Secret Santa gift has got to be a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Similar to the $25 gift card, this is the kind of present that requires almost no effort, while most people will be happy to receive it.

Remember: there’s no science to office Secret Santa. You simply have to trust your gut, go all in on your gift, and pray to Kris Kringle that they like it. For more great content, check out the Foodee blog.


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