Monday to Friday individual lunch catering


Monday to Friday individual lunch catering

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
July 24, 2019

Foodee’s team ordering makes it easy for you to plan Monday to Friday lunch catering for ten to more than 500 individual meals ahead of time. We promise that it’s simple—and sustainable for you and the planet. 

Why individual lunch catering? By letting each member on your team order their own meal, there’s no food waste, confusion, or allergy and dietary wrangling to be done on your part. Everyone orders what they want and gets an individually-packaged (in compostable and recyclable packaging) meal. Easy as pie. 

With Foodee, all you have to do is pick the delivery date, find a top local restaurant that your team loves (our food experts can suggest and pick them for you), set the per-person budget, and send team members a link to order. Whoever wants to be fed Monday to Friday places their order ahead-of-time, sits back, and gets excited for local meals to be delivered. 

Here are our top picks for Monday to Friday meals. 

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering


Ease into the week with a healthy, yet hearty and fun dish such as a grain bowl, sushi, noodle dish, or protein-rich salad. In Vancouver, for example, we’re loving Basil Box’s individual lunch catering boxes. Basil Box has an individual box lunch of lemongrass chicken, spring salad, roasted edamame, lemongrass corn, pickled veggies, Sriracha-spiced pumpkin seeds, and roasted sesame seeds with a tangy tamarind sauce on the side. Sounds like the perfect start to your week.

Send your team a link to order their individual lunch catering so they can eat exactly what they want, when they want—and get excited about it.

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering
(Source: Instagram @thebasilbox)


Tuesday’s lunch could be something fun and healthy, like tacos or burritos. Our Toronto team loves ordering individual burritos and chips, salsa, and guacamole to share from Queen Street West’s Milagro Cantina. Try the Burrito Adobado with seared beef and smoked bacon in a three-chile adobo in true Mexican style.

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering
(Source: Instagram @milagro_cantina)


To help your team get over Wednesday’s humpday, order something classic for individual lunch catering like sandwiches—or, better yet, Italian grilled paninis. Atlanta’s Bellina Alimentari’s grilled paninis taste just like you’re in Rome. For meat-eaters, try the Mortadella Panino with fluffy and crunchy in all the right places Schiacciata, pickled banana peppers, Castleveltrano olives, Tucker farm arugula, and mayo. For vegetarians, the Cavolfiore Panino won’t disappoint with its delicious Schiacciata bread, roasted cauliflower, sundried tomato, artisanal cheese, and shallots.

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering
(Source: Instagram @bellinaalimentari)


Depending on the weather and the season, Thursdays seems like a good soup n’ salad kind of day. If your team is looking for individual lunch catering in Boulder, Colorado, you’re in luck with Lindsay’s Boulder Deli. They’re serving up all kinds of homemade soups and hearty, warm chillis. Select the chilli option to see their selection of boar’s head chilli, vegan tomato red pepper soup, vegan black bean chilli, chicken noodle, and corn chowder, among many others. Add a few salads to the order to share among your team and your Thursday lunch is set.

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering


As a general rule of thumb, Friday lunches should always be fun. Especially if you’re trying to entice employees to eat in the office and socialize together in a communal space. Take Denver’s Hops & Pie, for example. Each of your team members can order their own individual pizzas with whatever toppings they choose and you could throw in a few salads to share for extra greens. Hops & Pie has the classics, such as pepperoni, cheese, and pineapple, or eaters could go wild with “The Guy Pie” 10” pizza or some of the larger, Detriot-style pizzas. 

Happy eating!

Monday to Friday individual lunch catering
(Source: Hops and Pie)

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