How to Make the Most of 2018


How to Make the Most of 2018

By Foodee
January 3, 2018

We hate to break it to you, but new year does not always mean new you. If you want to make meaningful change, you’ll need to tweak your daily routine. From banking on breakfast to getting back into books, here’s how you can make the most of 2018.

Bank on Breakfast

make the most of 2018 breakfast

Forget what you heard about the eating habits of Bill Gates and Elon Musk: it’s your best bet to eat breakfast. Pack in as much protein as you can – preparing meals such as Greek Yogurt or an egg frittata. These dishes don’t just taste great, they’ll help you focus throughout the day and could even help you eat less later in the afternoon.

Put Down Your Phone

make the most of 2018 phone

By now, it should be common courtesy that unless you’re alone, there is no reason you need to be checking your Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Please put your phone away, it’s the most annoying habit ever. These apps were fun for a while, but they don’t do you any good in the company of friends of family. Talk to those around you, have an IRL social experience, and whatever you do, don’t film your food or the band on stage.

Get Back into Books

make the most of 2018 books

Now that you’ve fried your phone, it’s time to get back into books. Reading isn’t only relaxing, it can have a positive effect on your mental well being and emotional intelligence. Think about how many times a day you’ve been bored and reached for your pocket. If you decided instead to reach for a paperback, you could be benefiting from some new information or an inspiring story. Just take it from our friend Arthur.

Exercise Er’day

make the most of 2018 exercise

Not everyone equates exercise with rest and relaxation, but believe us: it is one of the most important factors in getting focused. Whether or not your resolution is to get back in the gym, see if you can work out for twenty minutes each day. Whether that be running, weight lifting or yoga: it could be the key to a more productive year. It could even help you sleep.


make the most of 2018 water

Long story short: water is wonderful. Not only will it hydrate you and help with your 2017 hangover, it is shown to assist with weight loss. According to one study, downing a glass of water before a large meal will prevent you from overeating. How about that?

Work Hard

make the most of 2018 work hard

Stop living your life like an inspirational quote. If this really is your year, you’re going to have to work harder than ever. No matter what you’re interested in, success boils down to the hours you clock. Early mornings, late nights, overtime: these words should become the mantras you live by. Take 2018 by the horns and get where you need to go.

Eat Well

make the most of 2018 eat well

Dinner. Drinks. Lunch. Brunch. Breakfast. Mid morning snack. Night cap. Potluck. Ten course feast. Food trend. Drunk food. Appies with friends, family, those you work with. Whatever the case may be, make sure you have fun with your food in 2018. Yes, eating well is all about what’s healthy, but it’s also about coming together over good food. Quit eating lunch all alone and share a snack with those around you.

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