Inside the Kitchen: Zeal


Inside the Kitchen: Zeal

By Foodee
May 8, 2018

Known for “food for enthusiasts” Zeal has been serving delicious and healthy food for people of all lifestyles since 2014.

The Restaurant

Zeal was started when founder and CEO Wayde Jester was tired of having to compromise on food quality when looking for a place to eat with his daughters. He believed there was a better way to prepare and sell food; a way in which minimally processed, locally sourced and organic ingredients could be turned into healthy, flavorful dishes for an affordable price. He decided to leave his corporate job behind and start a restaurant. Zeal was born and since 2014 has been a casual eatery that caters to people with a passion for healthy food while living a busy lifestyle.

The owners not only prioritize great food, they also care about the health of their customers and the planet. Responsible sourcing is one of their guiding principles. The welcoming and casual environment is unique from other farm-to-white-tablecloth restaurants that charge higher prices. Zeal offers food for people who care about food, where it comes from, how it’s made, and how it makes people feel. Last summer they started a Zeal mini farm, leading to them saving on food costs and the staff actually knowing where the ingredients are coming from. This farm allows Zeal to really embody their mission statement of offering healthy local food. Inspired by the changing seasons, Zeal’s menu is updated quarterly to make use of seasonal items. The farm has now doubled in size to an acre and the stars of this season are kale, beets and carrots for juicing.


The Food

You can drop by Zeal at any time of the day as they offer a full menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, and beverages. If you can’t decide what you want since all the food looks delicious, the servers can offer you recommendations based on their favourite dishes but we suggest trying the signature bowls. There’s a number of premium pre-built dishes to choose from or you can build your own where you choose your base, your preferred sauce, any protein and any add-ons you want to include like chickpeas or avocado.

Zeal is a place where you can sit down with your friends and family, no matter what their dietary needs are. Paleo? They’ve got you covered. Vegan? Check. Gluten-free? No problem. All of the flavorful dishes are made from real, minimally-processed food, and the owners painstakingly craft the menu to feature food from local farmers and ranchers. There’s no GMOs and no compromising flavour since they use organic 100% coconut oil and organic extra virgin olive oil when cooking.


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