Inside the Kitchen: Way South Philly


Inside the Kitchen: Way South Philly

By Foodee
February 12, 2018

For anyone in Austin that has had a chance to enjoy a real Philly cheesesteak, you may be familiar with the ever present hunger for the legendary sandwich. Thanks to owner William Pearce, for a little over 6 years Way South Philly has been providing the true hoagie experience.

The Restaurant

As a Philadelphia native, William was well versed in the culinary pleasure of the cheesesteak and hoagie. Having spent 20 years in the restaurant industry as he migrated up and down the East Coast, it was after a big shakeup that the time came for Way South Philly. William brought the authentic taste of a Northeast deli and comfort food to Austin by way of a little red trailer. Having branched out to a storefront in January, the menu was quickly assembled with the characters from Philly’s greatest story, everyone’s favorite boxer, Rocky Balboa. After you’ve right and truly fallen in love over a cheesesteak, you can consecrate the romance with the fully ordained staff, ready to confirm nuptials to couples that are committed to each other and the legendary American sandwich.

The Food

Authenticity can take many forms from slow cooking to certain ingredients, but Philly Cheesesteak diehards know that Amoroso’s Rolls and Dietz & Watson deli meats mean realness. Their most well beloved sandwich, the Balboa, puts all on display with a heap of seasoned and grilled steak, sauteed with onions, and topped with Cheeze Whiz. Not content simply importing Philadelphia life to Austin, Way South offers their own take on tater tots with sea salt and Italian sausage in overflowing hoagies. Not to be outdone by their own cheesesteaks, the Italian Market is an example of a vibrant hoagie that you won’t forget, with the Amoroso’s Roll somehow managing to house cooked ham, Genoa salami and pepperoni, grilled with melted provolone and a topping of lettuce, tomato, and raw onions. Perfect for anyone looking for Philly away from Philly.

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