Inside the Kitchen: Waterloo Ice House

By Foodee
June 12, 2018

Austin’s food scene would not be complete without mentioning the restaurant staple that is Waterloo Ice House. Together with its warm and upbeat environment, excellent customer service, and of course, mouth-wateringly delicious food, Waterloo Ice House has successfully combined all of the elements that make a restaurant truly phenomenal.

The Restaurant

The first Waterloo Ice House opened in 1976 and featured a smaller menu serving mostly burgers and beer. During this time, Waterloo contributed to the Austin music scene by featuring live performances from little-known artists who would go on to become local legends. In 1992, Ted Karam, who formerly owned a number of Houston restaurants, moved his family to Austin and bought into the Waterloo concept. It was during this time that Karam formed the Waterloo Restaurant Group and began the process of expanding the restaurant concept. Today, there are four Waterloo locations. Even after the expansion, Karam’s vision for the restaurant never strayed too far from its original roots; the live music scene, fresh homemade food, and welcoming atmosphere that made Waterloo famous in 1976 remains fully intact today.

One of Waterloo’s many charms is that it offers something for the whole family: with its playscapes for kids, game rooms, flat screen TVs for watching various sporting events, full bars, and large outdoor patios, Waterloo is sure to please. Customers know that they are in for a full-service experience upon entering, made complete by a tasty dish prepared from scratch.

Waterloo Ice House

The Food

While Waterloo began as a burger restaurant, today it features a full menu of American and Tex-Mex influenced breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Waterloo prides itself on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible for their delicious made-to-order meals. Customers can rest assured knowing that their coffee is custom roasted fresh by a local roaster, their fries hand cut every day from fresh potatoes, their sodas handcrafted using all-natural pure cane sugar, and their eggs locally-sourced from Lockart, Texas. Waterloo’s commitment to serving fresh, homemade food from locally sourced ingredients every day is not only admirable, but it also makes their food authentically delicious. Because each dish is made from scratch, Waterloo restaurant goers have the privilege of experiencing the best of both worlds: a warm, home-cooked meal for the whole family, without ever having to wash a single dish! Additionally, in an effort to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions, Waterloo also offers a gluten-free menu, which includes many of the Tex-Mex and American infusion that the restaurant has become famous for.

Waterloo knows how to make their customers feel at home—each person who walks into a Waterloo restaurant is immediately made to feel like they are a part of the larger Waterloo family. If you value food made from scratch, a welcoming and cheerful environment, and superb customer service, order from Waterloo Ice House today!

Waterloo Ice House

Waterloo Ice House


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