Inside The Kitchen: VERTS Mediterranean Grill


Inside The Kitchen: VERTS Mediterranean Grill

By Foodee
November 2, 2017

Missing the tastes and flavors of their home in Europe, graduates Michael Heyne and Dominik Stein quickly turned to the kitchen. Opening VERTS Mediterranean Grill in 2011, the partners knew they had a hit with the custom bowls of healthy ingredients.

The Restaurant

After meeting at the University of Texas, the Europeans, Michael and Dominik, realized they both shared a longing for the foods from home. Days after graduation, the pair went to work operating the first VERTS on the university campus. At the time, their world’s smallest food truck (a mobile burner in the back of a smart car, wrapped in a tent) was busy preparing meals that students had a tough time finding. Quickly rocketing to the tops of most people’s minds for fast food, VERTS has been offering more healthy Mediterranean food in the form of the Berlin style kebab to people across Austin. Branching outwards, each and every VERTS location cements itself in the community by donating to local charities while working directly with local businesses, making sure that everyone stays well fed.


The Food

If there is a single theme in the VERTS kitchen, it’s health. Every dish, item, and ingredient is chosen for its ability to fill the stomach without bursting at the seam with calories. Bowls and pitas offer stunning flavor by starting with a strong base of fresh rice, quinoa or salad, adding in lean meats and protein such as their calling card, turkey and mushroom meatballs. The savory toppings that follow are all a chef-inspired collection of sometimes-seasonal vegetables. Hosting marinated olives all done in-house, or their pickled jalapenos adding a little zip. When it comes to VERTS’ approach to sauces and sides, nothing is as good as their from-scratch recipes using daily fresh ingredients for tzatziki, tahini and hummus. Regardless of how your bowl or wrap gets made it arrives super fast, super fresh, and super healthy.

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