Inside the Kitchen: TRISM


Inside the Kitchen: TRISM

By Foodee
May 15, 2018

Located in the heart of Columbus, TRISM is an innovative mix of a funky eatery and bar and a unique event space. Whether you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal or a venue to host your next event, TRISM is the perfect spot.

The Restaurant

The owners of TRISM are committed to the customers and that’s why they’re in the restaurant business. There’s nothing quite like sharing good food around a table with the ones you love and they want TRISM to be the place you share these memories. They’ve worked hard to make their restaurant more than just a place to eat, but also a platform for social change. Whether they’re hosting a community event or working with local farmers, their goal is to redefine the local food movement.

What makes TRISM unique is the space itself which is unlike anything else in the city. People come for the modern and airy decor, wholesome eats, unique event space, innovative entertainment, fitness classes, full bar, and the biggest screen in Columbus. They provide a space for all-inclusive events, bridging the gap between communities in the Columbus area. They’re constantly working with outside creatives to host experiences that enrich the local community and give opportunities for individuals to experience a variety of cultures, arts, movements, and delicious meals. TRISM is constantly changing things up and on any given day at the restaurant, you may stumble upon a book release, farmer’s market, swing dancing, poetry slam, yoga class, or even a 90’s throwback dance party. Whatever your event, TRISM is the perfect location.


The Food

TRISM is fast-casual eatery, bar, and event space redefined. TRISM is located on a college campus so the food is wholesome but also accessible. The menu is tailored to its audience with colourful items that are not only healthy and delicious but also affordable for students on a budget. TRISM serves food made from scratch using fresh ingredients that are mindfully sourced from local providers inspired by the seasons and local availability. The owners are committed to providing globally-inspired wholesome food and drinks that empower health at the individual and community level.

From the almond milk and granola to their superfood pop tarts and salad dressings, every single item on the menu is made fresh daily. Have a dietary restriction? No problem, several of the menu items are vegan and gluten-free. From draft cocktails to BBQ jackfruit flatbreads, smoothies, and sandwiches there is truly something on the menu for everyone but we recommend the amazing chunky monkey smoothie bowl with peanut butter and bananas topped with coconut and cacao nibs. At night the mood changes and they offer curated events, draft cocktails and innovative entertainment. Shaped by change, the TRISM experience transcends beyond food and drink. It is a sweet harmony of nutritious food, engaging entertainment, and a healthy, vibrant social life.

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