Inside The Kitchen: The Lynhall


Inside The Kitchen: The Lynhall

By Foodee
November 23, 2017

Although new to Minneapolis in 2017, The Lynhall, the brainchild of Anne Spaeth, is quickly making a home for Minneapolitans with a neighborhood and community first approach to fine cooking.

The Restaurant

Taking a sabbatical of inspiration in and around London for five years inspired Anne to take a focus on making room for her community in Minneapolis. The idea took real hold when creating The Lynhall, styled after a warm country home featuring communal tables to socialize, a kitchen studio for learning, and a fine dining room with an elegant fireplace for honest intimacy in dining. Drawing upon experience abroad, the drafting of passionate chefs and the acquisition of an old-world style German bread oven lead to a rounded team offering artisanal experiences during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Emphasizing their passion for the food itself, every pastry, drink, meat, and baked loaf, is available for anyone that has time to gather with family, or is on the run with convenient packaging to enjoy their artistic work.

The Food

Having taken all of their inspiration from Europe, it’s no surprise that the menu for The Lynhall is a deep mix of the simple recipes highlighting natural flavors. With the assembled experience of their dynamite kitchen, The Lynhall takes an approach to dining that encompasses the slowly cooked home-style meals aren’t just the result of ample roasting time, but deep preparation. Their German oven frequently delivers muffins, pastries, and Chai Cinnamon Rolls, meats typically see a full day of brining before drying for up to four while other ingredients take a tip from the seasons of Minnesota. The Lynhall’s local ingredients is a rotating cast of delicious characters featured in seasonal breakfasts, lunches, soups, and dinners. Even with their expertly roasted and baked meals, the lighter side of the menu frequently tops the charts with artistic salads. Ranging from the intriguingly prepared standards to the eclectically arranged originals, just like their Spiced Cous Cous, featuring dried apricots and curried walnuts on lacinato kale. Head home for a meal at The Lynhall.

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