Inside The Kitchen: T-Rex Cookie


Inside The Kitchen: T-Rex Cookie

By Foodee
October 25, 2017

If you’re new to the idea of a gourmet cookie, there few introductions as close to greatness as Minneapolis’ T-Rex Cookie. The brainchild of legendary baker Tina Rexing, and slightly famous thanks to impressive national competitions, T-Rex Cookie now serves its customers a quiet moment of coffee in a cafe for friends to gather in Prospect Park.

The Restaurant

From humble beginnings, Tina Rexing took her most favorite recipes from the intimate corners of her kitchen to the discerning tastes of the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Sensing a hit on her hands, she quickly moved to an incubator kitchen, growing her loyal followers with intermission snacks at the Minnesota Orchestra. Following an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, she became established as a vendor with the US Bank Stadium. T-Rex Cookie Company quickly outgrew itself, and now lives on University Ave as a vibrant cafe, as friendly and comfortable as home.

The Food

Almost everyone has taken a stab at baking cookies at some point or another. Tina, on the other hand, has uplifted her beloved Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie to an obsession of a country, obtaining TimeOut Magazine’s title of America’s #1 cookie. Also up for grabs are cookies that run the gamut of every preferred taste for adults and kids alike. As a cafe, T-Rex understands that not every moment is right for a treat, so they happily serve seasonal salads with fresh ingredients, and handmade paninis featuring phenomenal pairings like the chorizo apple brie. For those with an unrelenting love of baked confections, T-Rex happily supports you, your friends, and your need to go overboard with a five-pound cookie that, like every other thing they make, carries their favorite flavors to every last crumb.

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