Inside the Kitchen: Styo


Inside the Kitchen: Styo

By Foodee
April 30, 2018

Since 2014, Styo Desserts have been providing delicious and healthy one-of-a-kind parfaits and waffles.

The Restaurant

It took the masterminds behind Styo Desserts uncountable batches of frozen yogurt to land on the perfect recipe but when they did they opened their first shop on Denman Street in 2014. Styo was started after the two co-founders decided to come together and blend their love of desserts with their experience in the restaurant industry. They both have young children so they wanted to serve food that they’d make for their children without feeling guilty.

Styo is constantly working with its customers to provide an even better dessert experience. They take customer feedback seriously and each idea is thoroughly explored and considered by the brains behind the operation. Thanks to the suggestions from customers; artisan popsicles, whole frozen cakes, milkshakes, and waffle dessert which is a combo of stuffed waffle and ice cream were created by popular demand. They started serving real soft-serve ice cream in 2016, providing a larger selection of frozen treats to satisfy every sweet tooth. With its health focus and kid-friendly atmosphere, Styo Desserts is the perfect place to take your family for a nice treat in Downtown Vancouver.

The Food

The menu was inspired after frozen yogurt gained popularity in North America, but the owners of Styo wanted to make their desserts more aesthetic. Instead of the traditional frozen yogurt filled with artificial flavors and food coloring, their menu is unique and full of beautiful parfaits. Delicious parfaits aren’t your thing? Styo also offers homemade ice cream and stuffed croissant waffles inspired by travel in Asia. At Styo everything is an art, waffles are not normal waffles. These one-of-a-kind waffles are stuffed with savory or sweet fillings with a crispy croissant crust. All items are freshly made to order and you can eat it on the go.

Customers come to Styo for the high-quality products and healthy food which means their food is tasty without being loaded with sugar and preservatives. They strive to use as many local and natural products in the ingredients as they can find and avoid artificial & preserved products as much as possible. The ice cream & frozen yogurt is made from scratch using fresh milk and fresh yogurt, and the smoothies and milkshakes are made with only real fruit. Last but not least the waffles are stuffed with real cheese, meat and fruit. Be sure to stop by Styo for a delicious and healthy snack!


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