Inside the Kitchen: Roxie’s Tacos

Roxie’s Tacos is the newest gem fit for the unique landscape of Boulder’s food scene. The inventive couple Fletcher Starkey and Roshani Patel opened up in January 2017, serving the lucky people of beautiful Boulder Mexican food with deep inspiration from India.

The Restaurant

Fletcher and Rashani kickstarted their career by earning plenty of experience as caterers in the San Francisco area. It was ultimately a search for a quieter life in Colorado that would lead them to Roxie’s Tacos. Obsessing over flavours and ingredients since the moment he could walk, Fletcher knew early on that he would spend his life making great food. With Rashani receiving traditional culinary training, the two together have blossomed into a culinary match made in heaven. Adding the Patel family’s classic Indian dishes to their kitchen and the majority of inspiration, the power couple has developed a penchant for harvesting local ingredients into curious meals, with customers falling head over heels.

The Food

While it seems like most every type of fusion has been conquered, Roxie’s Tacos reconstructs old school Indian recipes, serving them as Mexican plates and rice bowls. Slow cooked curries, vegetables, and chutney give birth by way of classical French techniques, using from-scratch recipes from start to finish. The love and care in the cuisine collaboration starts with corn chips and tortillas that are baked in-house, along with all the sauces and ingredients that end up in your main. Take your pick of traditional oven roasted chicken in a red curry with homemade garam masala or saag paneer in a yogurt sauce for your taco or burrito. Every meat, every grain, and every green comes straight from local sources, skipping the freezer and landing immediately in your slaw or chutney. With a build-your-own mentality, everything flavor is exactly the way you want it.

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