Inside the Kitchen: Red’s Porch


Inside the Kitchen: Red’s Porch

By Foodee
January 9, 2018

Since July of 2017, Red’s Porch has found itself offering great meals thanks to owner Davis Tucker. Red’s is summed up as a connoisseur’s take on local craft beer tied to tex-mex meals, and now they’ve opened up a second location.

The Restaurant

With nearly a decade spent cultivating greatness from North by Northwest Brewery, Davis was inspired to create a space for lounging that could become a second home. Red’s Porch was born in that idea. After finding much success with their take on Southern food and their laser-focus on hospitality, a second location sprouted across from Quarry Lake in July. Now offering a sweeping vista of Austin alongside their trailer-park aesthetic, an obsession with great quality drinks and food have made Red’s Porch a must for most.

The Food

Starting on the sturdy ground of established Tex-Mex, Red’s Porch branches out, incorporating classic Southern flavors into its fusion. Lending creative ideas to all aspects of the menu, you can find chili grilled corn or garlic green beans to start. When it comes to the main hunger killers, a new type of comfort food incorporating slow smoking and plentiful toppings and seasoning has become their speciality. The handhelds are a great example of their brilliant pairing and heavy Southern influence, just like with the Po Boy, served on a sourdough or a jalapeno bun with remoulade, house made pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and your pick of shrimp, catfish, or crawfish. Building a case for classic Texas barbecue with Mexican influence comes Red’s use of their slow smoked chicken. You can find the well seasoned bird often paired with BBQ sauce or with creamy queso and roasted chiles on a flour tortilla, in the Smoked Chicken Flameado. Never neglecting the salads or lighter side, Red’s Porch even wagers on home-style food like an Enchilada Casserole, with corn tortillas, tomatillo sauce and diced onions, one of the many perfect reminders that you’re right at home.


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