Inside the Kitchen: Namaste Cafe


Inside the Kitchen: Namaste Cafe

By Foodee
July 30, 2018

Across South Asia, the term “Namaste” translates into “I honor the divine in you.” In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Namaste Café has made it its mission to do exactly that. Each customer that walks into the restaurant is made to feel respected, at home, and pleasantly full from the delicious South-Asian inspired cuisine.

The Restaurant

Namaste Café is a family-owned restaurant that opened its doors in 2006. At home, the owners of Namaste were accustomed to using fresh, quality ingredients to prepare their own food. In order to transfer their best cooking practices to others, and demonstrate the benefits of using organic and locally sourced ingredients, they opened Namaste. Today, 12 years later, they continue to promote healthy food practices by sourcing their meat and dairy locally and using organic ingredients whenever possible.

The ambiance of Namaste Café is what adds to its magic: housed in a charming Victorian-style home, the orange walls and hardwood floors create a sense of hominess, warmth, and openness. In the warm summer months, customers can opt to sit on the patio, where they are surrounded by flowers and water fountains, and under a string of twinkling lights and vines. The décor of Namaste contributes to its appeal; not only is the food authentic, but the environment is too.

Namaste Cafe

The Food

The owners, who originate from Nepal, have created a menu that offers fresh and creative Nepalese and Indian cuisine. As a result, their food is undoubtedly authentic. In addition to that, the owners have gone the extra mile to ensure that each classic item on the menu is made exciting with a fresh and modern twist. Rather than exclusively offering traditional Nepalese and Indian meals, the owners of Namaste have created their own dishes with their own delicate blend of spices and flavors.

Every single curry has its specific spice blend and is cooked fresh to order. The creamy Masala curry, for example, is richly prepared with cream, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and fresh cilantro. The spicy potatoes are fried in turmeric oil and spiced with cumin, paprika, cayenne, ginger, and garlic. The Mamacha, which is a traditional Nepalese food, comes with 6 pieces of dumplings filled with your choice of ground lamb, bison, chicken or tofu and is mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and a blend of spices. Customers also rave about the lunch box specials, which come with a curry of the day, freshly prepared side of vegetables, a choice of Namaste’s bean dishes, raita (a sauce made with cucumber, yogurt, and yellow mustard), and a dessert. Namaste Café is also the only Indian restaurant offering an extensive chaat menu (Indian street food). The flavourful and crispy creations are offered on the daily menu and during Saturdays in the summer, the items are even prepared in front of you in a patio bar.

Between 3-6pm daily, customers can enjoy happy hour, which features $2 off cocktails, feature wines, tap beers and appetizers. Both the food and drinks at Namaste are not only good in quality but reasonably priced as well. Customers can feel at home at Namaste, knowing that the food they’re about to eat won’t break the wallet, is cooked using fresh ingredients, and is created by owners who care about sustainability and want their customers to feel appreciated.

Order from Namaste Café today and experience the wonders of authentic, creative Nepalese and Indian cuisine yourself!

Namaste Cafe

Namaste Cafe


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