Inside the Kitchen: las Tortas

Located in the heart of Cambie Village, las Tortas has been offering the best Mexican Style Sandwiches in Vancouver since 2009.

The Restaurant

With bright colours and a friendly atmosphere, las Tortas is the perfect spot to grab a unique sandwich with the taste of Mexico in Vancouver. Everyone that tries the food is amazed at the flavours and quality of their delicious sandwiches. Las Tortas has become a go-to spot in the last nine years because of their friendly staff, good prices and quick service. Drop in for yourself to see why everyone says it’s the best Mexican food in Vancouver!

The Food

Quality is paramount at las Tortas so all of their ingredients are sourced from local distributors and suppliers. Chef Moises Toyber wants you to experience the flavours of his childhood in Mexico so he serves only fresh and Mexican dishes that are “always imitated, never duplicated”. With gluten free options available, these sandwiches are not only delicious but also a healthy lunch alternative. All the dishes are made in-house from the guacamole to the beans and even the potato chips. For your next order try the Pavo y Tocino for a delicious turkey, bacon and cheese or the Vegetariana for a delicious sandwich of grilled zucchini and panel cheese.

Order from las Tortas today!

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