Inside The Kitchen: Hat Creek Burger Company

All the way back in 2008, the first Hat Creek Burger opened as a trailer hitching its way around the city. Fast forward to today, founder Drew Gressett has brought Hat Creek Burger Company to many locations and stands ready to serve up classic American burgers to patrons of all ages.

The Restaurant

Almost ten years ago, Drew had a very specific focus on building traditional burgers. With an honest approach to serving shakes, burgers, and fries, the fast food trailer soared in popularity. Growing into a brick and mortar, there came a time to think about the importance of atmosphere, and the decision was made for Hat Creek to become a place friendly for families and communities. Making space at most locations for a play yard and spacious patio, the entire culture of Hat Creek Burger Company is about welcoming you to dine casually with your loved ones, and have plenty of fun doing it.

The Food

Not every restaurant takes advantage of their popularity by focusing on their local relationships, but a commitment to community fellowship has brought plenty of local features and ingredients into the kitchen at Hat Creek. With every part of each meal arriving from nearby farms, there’s no time to freeze any meats or vegetables. Buns are baked fresh every morning, with patties made from natural beef and topped with fresh veggies. The Signature Burger, a double-patty explosion of American cheese, spicy sauerkraut, and their in-house Happy Sauce, is a beautiful example of Hat Creek’s obsession freshness. Adding chicken, turkey, and veggie pattie options could easily make you forget Hat Creek’s breakfast coverage. Serving up organic eggs and bacon, you can take your breakfast as the classic two pieces of toast, or in taco form, on flour or corn tortillas. With a wealth of positive atmosphere, and plenty of classic Americana food, Hat Creek is ready to become a member of your family.


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