Inside the Kitchen: FARMR Eatery and Catering

Situated in Toronto, FARMR uses only the freshest ingredients from Ontario to create healthy delicious meals.

The Restaurant

FARMR was born out of the simple insight that local food, harvested in season, made simply will yield delicious and nutritious results. The restaurant was created after the partners of FARMR realized that Toronto had the perfect food landscape to create a concept that offered delightful food but left you feeling energized. They found inspiration from local farms and decided to make the fresh ingredients the reason to stop by for a meal.

FARMR is proud to be fully transparent in their supply chain & operations which is why they list all vendors online and have an open kitchen concept so people can see the full process. When you walk into FARMR you instantly feel at home. Their Toronto space is designed to be warm, welcoming, rustic and their staff treats everyone like a guest in their own house. Food brings people together and that’s why FARMR has communal seating that encourages people to talk and share like a weekly Sunday dinner with friends and family.

The Food

FARMR works with local farmers using their freshest ingredients to produce delicious food. Executive chef Kyle Webster was originally inspired by the local ingredients available year round in Ontario that are often under-appreciated. In an effort to stay local at all times, 95% of the menu is sourced within 3 hours of Toronto. Delectable menu items include the spiced turkey meatballs and the smoked brisket. They cook everything from scratch in-house and in a simple, rustic way to make the ingredients leave a lasting impression. FARMR has tried to highlight the hard work and passion of Ontario producers and farmers, and it shows through in the food.

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