Inside The Kitchen: Dough Mama

All the way back in 2015, Perrie Wilkof opened up Dough Mama. A celebration of her New York roots and classic pastry training, the cafe now brings hand-made desserts and pie to the masses of Columbus.

The Restaurant

Born on the West coast and raised on the East, Perrie has spent her fair share of time obsessing over some alluring deserts. A long dream in the making, Dough Mama was imagined as a place where people could gather and devour all the beautiful pastries they were craving. After receiving classical training in New York, Perrie set out to cut her teeth in subterranean cafes and Brooklyn mainstays. After setting her sights on Ohio, she went to work feeding the hunger for seasonal recipes by delivering artisanal baked treats from a small kitchen. Quickly outgrowing the home kitchen and farmer’s market stall, Dough Mama became the steady supply to more than a dozen local restaurants, markets, and cafes around Columbus. With their new cleaned up location, Perrie and Dough Mama have a little nook for you to sit, relax, and impress you with their delights.

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The Food

As a firm believer that you start eating with your eyes, everything edible at Dough Mama comes out of the kitchen like a dazzling portrait. Handmade with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, the most traditional pastries are getting subtle twists that make them unforgettable. Take their Lemon Lavender Cheese Pie for example, a flaky butter crust filled with lemon custard and topped with lavender blossoms. Dough Mama’s passion for seasonal ingredients and supporting their local growers is always obvious on the menu, offering a constant rotation for their sweet and savory pies and quiches. Knowing that others may need a little more lift in their morning, you’ll go mad for fresh homemade cheddar scallion biscuits, often used in their hot breakfast sandwiches and best paired with a fresh squeezed OJ or a brewed coffee, perfect for dunking anything. Order from Dough Mama today!

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