Inside the Kitchen: Chickpea

Inspired by the owners’ Mediterranean roots, Chickpea serves delicious and healthy food prepared with love in the heart of Vancouver.

The Restaurant

Good food has always been an essential part of the owners’ lives. Both men are originally from Israel and their heritage is reflected in the flavours of their food. Rotem left home in his early 20’s to go explore the world and experience the cuisine of a number of countries before finally landing in Vancouver, where he fell in love with the West Coast laid-back lifestyle. Itamar is a self-taught chef who worked in a number of restaurants in Israel before moving to Vancouver with his family.

While they both loved living in Vancouver, they knew that something was missing from their lives, good Mediterranean food. The men dreamed of opening up a restaurant with a cozy, funky BC atmosphere that featured delicious plant-based Israeli food. A few years and a lot of hummus later, the Chickpea Food Truck was born! Shortly after the food truck became wildly popular, they opened their restaurant.

Both Itamar and Rotem believe that their way to connect with the world is through people’s stomachs, and they successfully achieve this through their food and the ambiance of the restaurant. Big enough to seat 93 people, you’re not just getting a meal. You’re getting a Mediterranean experience in downtown Vancouver. The atmosphere is lively which makes it the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious menu.

The Food

Chickpea started out as a food truck that became popular for its vegetarian and Mediterranean dishes and has since grown to accommodate the demand for their delicious food. Before opening their new restaurant, however, Chickpea made the switch to 100% vegan. They now not only have a restaurant located on Main Street and a food truck located in downtown Vancouver but also offer catering services so you can have a taste of the Mediterranean at your next function! The delicious plant-based meals are made from organic ingredients, with the option to make almost everything gluten-free. With a great selection of hummus plates (a fan favorite), pitas, falafels and vegan shawarmas, Chickpea truly has something for everyone.

They don’t just offer delicious food, they also offer an assortment of beverages including Turkish coffee, specialty cocktails, beers, ciders and their own kefir water. This water has a delicious flavor and tastes like a refreshing soda, but it’s much healthier for you. Made from kefir grains, the water acts as a great source of vitamins and boosts your immune and digestive systems. If you’re in the area and looking for something to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings, head to Main Street to the Chickpea restaurant and if you’re on the go head to W Cordova Street for delicious samplings from the food truck.

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