Inside The Kitchen: Bon Glaze


Inside The Kitchen: Bon Glaze

By Foodee
December 19, 2017

After over 20 years in corporate America, husband and wife Kelly and Kenny Keith set out on a path to create great doughnuts. Founded in 2016, Bon Glaze is Atlanta’s newest decadent doughnut indulgence featuring dozens of varieties of made-from-scratch pastries.

The Restaurant

Having travelled much of the globe for business, Kelly and Kenny had the chance to experience countless cuisines and flavors. Finally choosing to focus on their passion for a great tasting doughnut, Bon Glaze in Brookhaven became the flagship for morning deliciousness. Inspired by the research they conducted across the United States, the couple knew that their perfect doughnut had to be as warm and welcoming as the neighborhood they served in. Quickly figuring out that their patrons were as interested in a good donut with their coffee as they were (with a slice of gourmet bacon), Bon Glaze has earned many fans in their community. Once those fans began to see the doughnut the same way Keith and Kelly did, they knew they had a hit on their hands. Fast forward through a Food Network appearance, and the opening of a second location featuring walk-up window service, Atlanta has thoroughly fallen for the holey treats!

The Food

If you get a chance to ask the Keiths about what goes into the perfectly indulgent doughnut, you may expect to hear about wild concoctions featuring vivid colours that make for Instagrammable treats. What you’re going to hear most about is the importance of from-scratch recipes. No matter what doughnut you pick out, your filling, frosting, and glaze is made by hand with fresh ingredients every single night. Take the Blueberry Sour Cream, as complex as it’s red velvet brother or lemon meringue sister, a sour cream cake doughnut topped with fresh blueberries and a blueberry-vanilla glaze. For anyone who enjoys a more classic doughnut with a little more comfort, you can easily pair up a classic glazed with a side of gourmet bacon. Bon Glaze’s thick cuts of meat are candied, candied with cayenne, naturally smoked, or chocolate dipped for your enjoyment. Your new favorite doughnut memory is about to be made.

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