Inside the Kitchen: Balila Taste Kitchen

By Foodee
August 14, 2018

Balila Taste Kitchen is a Mediterranean cuisine delight. Lovers of chickpeas and middle eastern food can rejoice in this tapas-style restaurant.

The Restaurant

Owners Waleed and Mazen Sukkarie opened Balila in February 2018. Their goal was to create a restaurant space that was inviting and promoted an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and good fun. Today, it is overwhelmingly clear that they succeeded in doing so. Balila’s space is artsy and inviting; the tables are communal and encourage groups to share, break bread, and engage in conversation while enjoying the delicious assortment of middle-eastern menu options.

The owners, who have over 28 years of experience in the food industry and sit on a number of boards, wanted Balila to make a lasting impression. In order to do this, they have transformed Balila from a restaurant to a creative dining experience. Restaurant-goers are always satisfied after leaving Balila, and not just because of the delicious food. The environment, which breeds a sense of warmth and comradeship, is what sets the restaurant apart and makes customers want to return again as soon as possible!

Balila Taste Kitchen

The Food

The name Balila originates from the traditional Lebanese dish made of cumin and chickpeas, which of course is offered at their restaurant. The menu, which is not limited to hummus (although that would be delicious enough) is based on the original mom and pop hummus stores in the Middle East. The owners have gone the extra mile and added new flavors, spices, and ingredients to elevate and globalize the traditional middle eastern cuisine. For Foodee clients, they offer monthly specials, entrees, salads and soup.

Balila is also home to the largest hummus plate in Canada! Yes, you heard that right. This 27 feet plate of chickpea goodness is chock-full of variety: Yam, Pesto, Beetroot, and Olive Hummus are just a few of the options to select from. The Balila Soup, named after the restaurant and the traditional dish, is also a favorite; this mix of chickpeas, tomato paste, garlic, red onion, and chili powder is boiled to perfection with Balila spices. Veggie bowls and wraps are also served at Balila, which are perfect mains to go with the assortment of hummus offered on the menu. The proteins, meats, and veggies are complimented by the flavor and richness of each and every selection of hummus.

The Balila message is simple: “our home is your home.” At its core, the restaurant fosters an environment of common ground and shared experiences consisting of eating good, quality food with loved ones. Eating at Balila will never be a dull culinary experience, and with the assortment of dishes, sides, and mains offered, there are always options to take delight in!

Order from Balila for your office today!

Balila Taste Kitchen

Balila Taste Kitchen


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