How to Conquer Busy Season

Every industry has a “busy season.” But in the world of public accounting, those two little words impart a special kind of dread. As the tax monster emerges once again to demand his annual feeding, thousands of accountants across the nation enter a world of 80-hour workweeks, suffocating boardrooms, irrational clients and obliterated social lives.

Jogging club? Forget it. Pub night? Sorry, working weekends. But as many levels of human need you might stretch to the limit during busy season, nutrition is not one you should mess with.


We teamed up with pro cyclist and nutritionist Dave Vukets to find the six best ways to keep your mind and body fuelled up during crunch time.


Hydration is the baseline for maintaining nutrition and energy. Keep a reusable bottle at your desk; fill it with Vancouver’s world famous tap water and sip, sip, sip! Tend to forget? Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to take a drink every 15 minutes.


You’re stressed enough. While OT might leave you weary, multiple cups of coffee in a day will only heighten anxiety and blur your focus. For a late-day boost, step outside for some fresh air and grab a yummy, ice-cold Kombucha.

3. EAT

Just like drinking water, remind yourself to eat every 4-6 hours. Your brain needs a steady flow of energy to function at its prime, and concentration can start to fade even before your gut starts to growl. Consistent, healthy snacking will also prevent binging at mealtime (and the food-coma that inevitably follows).


We tend to let our nutrition slip at the very times we shouldn’t. When stressed or tired, don’t “treat” yourself with candy or salty, greasy take-out. Instead, focus on eating for energy. To maintain concentration, choose foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like nuts, fish, avocados and other plant oils.


Don’t rely on a jar of tablets for your vitamins and minerals (unless it’s doctor’s orders!). Not only can they cost a fortune, they just don’t work with your body the same way whole foods do. For an antioxidant-rich brain builder, load the blender with fruit—especially blueberries—or nibble on some high-quality dark chocolate.


While the occasional box of artisanal donuts or cookies can be great rewards for a hardworking staff, don’t rely on a constant flow of processed sugar to keep spirits high. Instead, keep your kitchen stocked with a big supply of natural energy-boosters like fresh fruit, juice and yogurt. For meals on the company dime, keep things exciting by trying something new and different, or wow the office with fresh-made dishes from the most popular spots in town.

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