How to boost your office’s hygge this holiday

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
December 31, 2018

Happy Holidays Foodies!

We hope that you’re having a relaxing and enjoyable season thus far. For those of you who are spending time in the office over the holidays, why not treat yourself (and your team) to festive daily treats? Or, make your workplace cozy, tidy and more homey-feeling so that you enjoy being at work.

Boost your happiness and coziness at work by adding a little hygge (hue-guh) to it

What’s hygge?

How to boost your office’s hygge this holiday

For those of you who don’t already know, this popular Danish word relates closely to the nation’s art of happiness or coziness. Depending on who you ask, the term takes on new meanings and tries to define an unexplainable, all-encompassing feeling. For some, hygge is laughing with friends and family; for others, it’s drinking tea with a good book, sitting by a fire with your pup, or making warming foods for loved ones.

A Danish writer and poet, Tove Ditlevesen, once said that “Hygge is a state of being you experience if you are at peace with yourself, your spouse, the tax authorities and your inner organs.” In short, it’s a feeling of peace, wellbeing and satiation. And, it’s about being present in the moment.

How to boost your office’s hygge this holiday season

How to boost your office’s hygge this holiday

Which brings us to the point. It’s fairly easy to create a sense of hygge at home over the holidays. Start a fire, dim the lights, surround yourself with pillows, good food, loved ones and friends and enjoy a good conversation over warm drinks. But how can you make your workplace more hyggelig?

There are a few major themes to improving your workspace to feel more at home. Think about your personality and how your office, area or desk reflects it. Consider the tidiness, flow, and aura of your space as well. Declutter and simplify your desk to surround yourself with only the items that bring you happiness and peace.

Here are a few other easy updates you can make to your workplace:

1. Bring your favourite warm drinks fixings

2. Take a lunch break and eat with your team

3. Stock your drawer with aromatherapy oils and scented creams

4. Bring in a few plants or flowers

5. Get a workplace lamp with warm lighting or string lights

6. Listen to your favourite music

7. Treat your colleagues somehow

8. Bring in homemade goodies

9. Celebrate the little things

10. Surround yourself with your favourite stationery, mugs and household items

11. Meet your friends for after-work drinks

12. Prepare delicious meals for work

13. Organize your desk and declutter your space

14. Bring in photos and cards from loved ones

15. Take a coffee break with your colleagues

16. Bundle up and go for a walking meeting

Hygge food ideas for the office

How to boost your office’s hygge this holiday

A big part of hygge comes from meal sharing and food. At home, this could be cooking a homemade meal, warming your home and inviting loved ones over for a lovely, cozy winter evening, for example. But, food plays an important role throughout the entire day (as we know)—and shouldn’t stop just because you’re at work.

If your office is currently in a holiday lull, why not organize a potluck, team lunch, after-work drinks or invite the team over to your home for a small gathering? An easy, quick way to bring hygge into the office is by organizing a team meal or coffee and treats afternoon where you don’t talk about work but just connect—break bread together and laugh or talk about non-work related topics.

Create a safe, peaceful space for happiness to exist and flow freely in your workplace.

Consider ordering in holidays treats like doughnuts, cookies, chocolates, nuts and dried fruit and serving them along with specialty teas at 4 o’clock in the office. Or, organize a team potluck breakfast or lunch where everyone presents something homemade. If you’re organizing a team lunch, think about ordering warming, family-style dishes that your teammates can share and pass around. These simple acts of sharing, giving, socializing and eating together will help boost your workplace’s spirit, morale and happiness.

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Happy hygging!

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