How eight tech companies attract and retain top talent

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
August 15, 2018

As an avid Foodee-blog reader, you may have noticed our past posts on the importance of organizational culture and team building with food. That’s because we’re diving deep into company culture and ways to improve it, especially by bringing food into the mix.

We discussed how corporate culture is a set of shared beliefs, characteristics, values and practices among team members within a company. We also talked about why culture is so important among modern, young employees.

Today, we’re focusing on eight companies in the thriving tech hub of Austin, Texas, that have been recognized as a top place to work. Not only is the booming tech industry doing a great job of attracting, retaining and engaging today’s top talent, it’s also spearheading corporate culture trends for other industries to follow. Let’s find out what these companies are doing right, company-culture wise.

Why these tech companies are the top places to work in Austin, TX

Work hard, play hard


Q2ebanking provides digital banking solutions for banks and credit unions. Q2 was named one of Austin, Texas’ fastest growing companies and one of the best places to work. They offer employees a highly-engaging and collaborative company culture. “At Q2, we really do work hard and play hard,” says Q2 employee, Trey Black. “There is a strong competitive culture. You see it in the weekly pickup basketball games on Q2’s own outdoor court. These events are great for getting to know your co-workers as there is participation from just about every team.”

Playland for creativity

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games. They are one of Fortune 100’s best companies to work for and have a work hard, play hard mentality. So what are they doing? Their culture revolves around passion and creativity—motivating employees to tap into that power every day. “You’re encouraged to pursue whatever interests you personally, not just what would benefit your job,” says one employee.

Employee growth at its finest

Mood Media

Mood Media provides business solutions to help their clients connect with customers, enhance brand image and grow the business. Mood was named one of the top 100 digital companies in Austin and is known for its dynamic workplace. They’re committed to helping employees grow. In fact, Mood’s lunchtime learning express MBA program received an HR.com LEAD Award for “Best Executive Coaching Program.” Besides coaching, the company provides office music, live performances, and social events, on top of the usual tech-company perks.

Collective drive to win


Flosports is the best sports media company in the world, providing live digital sports and original content like the world had never seen before them. As you can imagine from a sports media company, their values match those of many sports teams: collaboration, trust, leadership, competition, and teamwork. According to one employee, “FloSports is the type of work environment where everyone wants to win in everything that we do. It’s fun to be around people who are so driven to produce great work.”

Values from the top down


Zenoss helps the world’s largest organizations ensure their IT services and applications are always on. It also happens to be one of the leading tech companies and most desirable places to work in Austin. Zenoss aims to build the highest caliber team, offering amazing benefits, but also recognizing achievements of employees who go above and beyond. It also helps that their CEO has been voted Forbes’ best CEOs to work for. Talk about sharing values and company culture from the top down.

Life-life balance

Alchemy Systems

Alchemy Systems has made it their mission to ensure its clients’ workforces are 100 percent knowledgeable and confident, 100 percent of the time. They specialize in employee communications, coaching, training, audits and consulting. It’s no wonder Alchemy Systems earned the Statesman’s coveted top workplaces in Austin award four years running. The Austin office has a relaxed, down-to-earth, yet quirky culture that throws work-life balance to the wind, favouring a “life-life balance” instead.

Happy hours and gym sessions

Golden Frog

Golden Frog develops software and services for a free and open Internet. No matter how much they grow, they’re committed to retaining a small-company, “start-up” vibe where employees gain responsibility quickly in a high-energy environment. Teams work in a modern workspace in downtown Austin with an open floor plan, a cafe, and an on-site gym. Plus, they share knowledge and internal communications during free lunch and learn sessions. Golden Frog employees even partake in chili cook-offs, in-office happy hours and launch parties.

Food perks work


Malauzai Software provides digital banking for community financial institutions. They claim to have an amazing company culture that doesn’t just talk values but lives them. And it shows. They provide free Friday lunches and Monday breakfasts and have fully-stocked kitchens with craft beers and sodas. Sounds like a good time to us.

Of course, these companies also provide the basic benefits and work perks that modern talent looks for. If your company doesn’t provide health care, financial benefits or growth, and learning opportunities, but provides free lunch on Friday, it might be time to reconsider how your company culture and employee values align.

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