12 Healthy Foods You Need to Try This Spring


12 Healthy Foods You Need to Try This Spring

Abbie Riley
By Abbie Riley
January 24, 2017

Some say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we’re not so sure. Here’s our list of totally trending treats that you’ll want to try this spring. Keep in mind that while some of these may save you a sick day, they aren’t all serious suggestions. Eat well!

Soup Cleanse

Healthy Food Trends Soup Cleanse

If you haven’t already heard, juice cleanses are so 2016. The soup cleanse is rolling onto the scene as vegetable-based soups are equally rich in nutrients without the sugar that fruits pack into juice. New startups, such as Soupure, have the goal of teaching us how to cleanse smarter with specially designed 1, 3, and 5 day plans.


Healthy Food Trends Ashwagandha

Claiming to alleviate stress, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating, ashwagandha is often called “Indian ginseng.” Expect to see it in teas and as an add-on at your juice bar.

Watermelon Water

Healthy Food Trends Watermelon Water

Beyonce (yes, Beyonce) is trying to make watermelon water what coconut water was in 2012. “I invested in WTRMLN WTR because it’s the future of clean, natural hydration,” Beyoncé said in a press release. Wow. Get ready for it to rain watermelon water.


Healthy Food Trends Kava

Kava will be marketed as an alternative to booze this year and you might even see it appear on craft cocktail menus as a non-alcoholic alternative. The root that reportedly tastes like mud has been used for centuries in the Pacific islands as a potent anxiety reliever and can have similar calming effects as alcohol without the next-morning headache.  

Mushroom Elixirs

Healthy Food Trends Mushroom Elixirs

A group of Finnish “fun guys” (too good to pass up) at Four Sigmatic are bringing the medicinal merits of mushrooms to the world, expanding the reach of their products to 25 countries in just 4 years. These mushroom-based coffees, hot chocolates, and elixir mixes can do everything from melting away stress to sparking metabolism to lowering inflammation.

Cannabis Infusion

Healthy Food Trends Cannabis

As medical and recreational marijuana becomes legal in the United States, new companies are emerging with THC-infused juices, cannabis infused coffee, gourmet snacks, and baked goods.

Golden Lattes

Healthy Food Trends Golden Lattes

Made with Almond milk and turmeric, golden lattes are being made popular by the coffee chain Bluestone Lane and are being adopted by coffee houses around North America.

Ancient grains you’ve never heard of

Healthy Food Trends Ancient Grains
Here’s the lineup vying to be the 2017’s quinoa: amaranth, kamut, millet, teff, farro, freekeh, fonio, bulgur, spelt, buckwheat,


Healthy Food Trends Cauliflower

Every couple years a new vegetable claims celebrity status among all other plants. Brussels sprouts, kale and beets are now moving into cauliflower’s shadow. We predict seeing creative takes on this vegetable on menus all over.

Purple vegetables

Healthy Food Trends Purple

In December, experts who track consumer behavior for Whole Foods released their predictions for 2017’s hottest food trends. Topping the list was “purple everything,” the company forecasted with purple asparagus, purple cauliflower, purple carrots, and purple sweet potatoes.

Plant butchery

Healthy Food Trends Plant Butchers

The plant butchers are here, and they’re turning the world on to non-meat creations made out of plant proteins that resemble burgers, sausages, and hot dogs. Describing themselves not as just chefs but as artisans, they might change the way we think of and eat vegetables. The brother and sister duo at The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis are some of the new players leading the omnivore revolution.

Evolution of office lunching

Healthy Food Trends Food Delivery

Office lunches keep getting better as more companies have recognized the value of providing healthy meals to their teams. The days of pizza delivery and greasy Chinese food being the only options are gone, and in 2017 we’ll see more and more companies improving the health, productivity, and camaraderie of their teams with meals ordered to the office.

Treat your team to something tasty. Foodee is here for all your office meals.

Photos: Brooke LarkCala, Forest FarmingWatermelon Water, Neha Deshmukh, Pree Bissessur, Get BuddingThomas Vimare, Paul Morris, Couleur, Peter Hershey, The Herbivorous Butcher
Abbie Riley

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