Foodee’s top breakfast catering ideas

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
October 11, 2018

One breakfast barely ever fits all. A Monday-morning meeting after a tough quarter probably won’t serve the same team breakfast as a last-day-before-holidays company-wide celebratory breakfast. An out-of-town CEO might not want the same meal as your morning team-running group. You get my point.

To help you figure out what kind of breakfast catering you should order—and from where—let’s consider a few scenarios where catering could come in handy.

Our top breakfast catering ideas

Monday morning-meeting treat: Muffins and baked goods

This weekly, bi-monthly or monthly meeting ranges from business-as-usual to somewhat-tense and serious. To help wake colleagues up, boost the mood and encourage attendance, consider placing fresh coffee and baked goods in front of the meeting-room fan. That should do the trick.

Where to order:

Top breakfast catering ideas

Classic with a twist: coffee and doughnuts

For the last-minute meeting requests over your well-earned lunch hour or for the job-well-done meeting, consider upgrading healthy muffins to more fun treats like assorted fresh-baked doughnuts. Doughnuts also hold their own at any party, team celebration and workplace lunch.

Where to order:

Top breakfast catering ideas

Go all-out: The All-American brunch

Looking to attract top talent? Want to treat your employees to Friday morning breakfasts or monthly team meals? Nothing pairs quite as well as great company culture and delicious local food. Especially when it’s an all-American brunch served hot. We’re talking eggs, bacon, sausages, fruit, coffee, juice, you name it.

Where to order:

  • Brider, Denver. All-American, all-day. Need I say more?
  • Yolks, Vancouver. Looking for an eggs benny breakfast platter, hashbrowns, juice, coffee and the works? Try this Vancouver special.

Top breakfast catering ideas

Team treat: Breakfast sandwiches

We’re thinking all-American breakfast, but slightly easier to handle and eat. This is especially useful if your boss is presenting at the quarterly Town Hall meeting or employees have to participate or read anything. Plus, who doesn’t love a breakfast sandwich or burrito? So many good things all wrapped together neatly.

Where to order:

  • Cafe + Velo, Atlanta. Try the classic penny farthing crandwich (aka a croissant sandwich).
  • Cafe Ybor, Austin. Go for one of their Cuban signature-style breakfast sandwiches.
  • Olive and Finch, Cherry Creek, Denver. So many choices for breakfast sandwiches and burritos. Maybe get your colleagues to help you choose.
  • Their There, Vancouver. Order an assortment of breakfast sandwiches no matter what time your meeting takes place.

Top breakfast catering ideas

Productivity boost: Natural juice and yogurt bar

Let’s say you’ve been planning a team run or workout and want a surprise treat at the end. Or, you want to boost energy and productivity in your next afternoon meeting. Maybe your boss’ have decided that employees deserve a daily treat for being so awesome. This is for that healthy, clean and fun scenario.

Where to order:

  • Roots Juices, Atlanta. Try the green goddess juice or cold kicker, depending on how your team’s feeling.
  • Prosperoats, Boulder and Denver. These guys have acai breakfast bowls, steel-cut oats breakfast bowls, quinoa oats bowls, greek yogurt bowls and a Greek yogurt bar. What more could you ask for?
  • Astarte Yogurt Bar, Toronto. Real yogurt and drizzled honey. That’s all I need to say.
  • The Juice Truck, Vancouver. What better way to boost your meeting’s energy than with an assortment of cold-pressed natural juices?

Top breakfast catering ideas

Impress your boss: Fresh fruit platter

Everyone at your office is either on a health-kick or fighting the cold and flu season. So why not boost everyone’s vitamin C intake with a fresh fruit platter? Plus, fruit platters are essential at any morning workplace event, big meeting or party.

Where to order:

Stay hungry!

Top breakfast catering ideas

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