Foodee Eats: Breakfast in Vancouver


Foodee Eats: Breakfast in Vancouver

By Foodee
March 16, 2017

Breakfast In Vancouver

Whether you’re greeting the day by skiing the slopes of Grouse, striking a lotus pose in English Bay, or just recovering from an evening on the Granville Strip, we’ve got the best breakfasts in Vancouver to help start your day.  

Jam Cafe

Breakfast in Vancouver Jam Cafe

556 Beatty St.
(778) 379-1992

Travel Gastown’s cobblestone sidewalks to find the all-day breakfast joint, Jam Cafe. Beautifully rustic, grab a table and enjoy homecooking that comes out looking like art.

Foodee Recommends

The Harrison Fernando ($11)

A buttermilk biscuit served with chorizo, house made gravy, two sunny side eggs, and a side of crispy hashbrowns. No one has a bad feeling about this.

Chicken French Toast ($15)

Who needs waffles when you’ve got brioche French toast, fresh tomatoes, and pickled cabbage, drizzled with tabasco honey and jalapeno sour cream. That buttermilk chicken is doing just fine.

Yogurt Parfait ($8)

Sometimes it’s the simpler things in life that bring the most joy. Delicious granola made in-house, mixed right into cinnamon spiced honey yogurt.

Breakfast Table

Breakfast in Vancouver Breakfast Table

1481 West Broadway
(604) 805-1900

Built on industry pride and experience, Breakfast Table brings sustainable eating to you every morning. Relish the Asian-inspired menu and leave extremely satisfied.

Foodee Recommends

Chicken Karaage Hash ($15)

The perfect wake-me-up after a long night, deep fried chicken is served with two poached eggs, vegetables, sesame seeds, and Korean sweet chilli sauce.

Seafood Cobb Salad ($18)

A salmon filet accompanied by sauteed prawns and a boiled egg with avocado, tomato, Berkshire bacon bits, and pumpkin seeds. Topped with an apple cider dressing, this can’t possibly get any better.

Breakfast Alexander ($8)

Let the inner child soar with this chocolate milk for adults. Freshly grated nutmeg over whole milk, brandy, creme de cacao and chocolate ganache.

Medina Cafe

Breakfast in Vancouver Medina Cafe

780 Richards St.
(604) 879-3114

Stationed across from Vancouver’s iconic Central Library, Medina is eager to teach you how to love Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Foodee Recommends

Cous Cous

Find a better brunch salad than Israeli cous cous, oven dried tomatoes, roasted eggplant served with toasted almonds, marinated beets and grilled halloumi cheese. We dare you.

Le Complet ($19)

Get the hearty start to your day with a flatiron steak, two eggs served sunny up, caramelized onions and goat cheese crostini with romesco and a selection of seasonal greens.

Mimouna No. 1 ($10)

Sunday brunch? Sparkling wine and fresh orange juice with house spiced honey, Amaro Montenegro and pink peppercorn shells. Sunday brunch!

The Red Wagon

Breakfast in Vancouver Red Wagon

2296 East Hastings St.
(604) 568-4565

Found in Vancouver’s up and coming Grandview, The Red Wagon is certainly proud to be a part of the neighborhood. Always inventive, their comfort food focused on barbecue satisfies every craving.

Foodee Recommends

Breakfast Banh Mi ($11)

Why not indulge in this Vietnamese-style sandwich? Pulled pork, two eggs, pickled vegetables, jalapeno, and cilantro served on a fresh baguette with homemade fries.

Frittata ($10)

When you’re half-way between quiche and omelette, go frittata! Eggs baked with goat cheese, caramelized onion, and basil, you also get homefries and toast on the side.

Super Trucker ($16)

Two eggs, two pancakes, pulled pork, toast, homefries, and crisp pork belly. We definitely advise the addition of Jack Daniels spiked syrup. Only strong stomachs need apply.

Lost + Found Cafe

Breakfast in Vancouver Lost and Found

33 West Hastings
(604) 559-7444

In the legendary Gastown, Lost + Found is celebrating coffee and life in a space designed to remind you of home and help you make new friends.

Foodee Recommends

Cinnamon Bun ($3)

The classic they somehow made better, this homemade cinnamon bun is a sweet start to your morning.

Egg Bun ($3.00)

Perfect for the early riser, a house-made bun filled with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and green onion. Get this fast seller before it’s gone!

Coconut Charlie ($4.50)

This delicious latte with coconut and an extra hit of cardamom is the best excuse to toss off the sheets.

P.S. Lost + Found is available for office delivery via Foodee! 

Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew

Breakfast in Vancouver Slickity Jim's

3475 Main St. (604) 873-6760
1387 West 7th (604) 732-5544

Whether you’re in Fairview or on Main street, the creative and eclectic Slickity Jim’s has home style cooking aimed at convincing you to join the family.

Foodee Recommends

The Lightness of Bean Burrito ($9.50)

Veggie chilli, roast corn salsa, and guac are snugly wrapped in a flour tortilla. It hardly stops there, this veggie burrito is topped with sour cream, tomato salsa and delivered with a fresh spring salad.

A Woman in a Flowing Dress Kissing Her Lover Omelette ($10.75)

Prosciutto, spinach, and asiago cheese make up this luscious three free-range egg omelette. Served with roasted potatoes and your choice of rye, sourdough, or multi-grain, try not to stare.

I See Food Eggs Benedict ($13.00)

Why live on the coast if not to enjoy seafood? Crab cake and avocado served with two poached eggs on an English muffin swimming in hollandaise and served with roasted potatoes.

P.S. Slickity Jim’s is available for office delivery via Foodee! 


Breakfast in Vancouver Ritual

774 Denman St.
(604) 428-7722

Ritual is serving elegant eats while focusing on tradition and farm-to-table foundations, right from the heart of Coal Harbour.

Foodee Recommends

The Yam of Your Dreams ($17.25)

Few relationships are better than one with a double-baked yam stuffed with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, salsa fresca, pineapple, and habanero hot sauce. Available for Vegans, too!

Breakfast Sandwich ($6.90)

Compartmentalize your breakfast with smoked gouda, fried egg, and applewood smoked ham held together by their house English muffin and a dollop of catsup.

Orange Roots Juice ($12.10)

Twelve ounces of thirst quenching flavour, this cold-pressed juice features carrot, turmeric, apple and lemon as a well-rounded way to kick off your day.

P.S. Ritual is available for office delivery via Foodee! 


Breakfast in Vancouver Yolks

1298 East Hastings St.
Food Truck on the corner of Burrard and Pender

Stationed within the iconic big blue building on Clark and Hastings, Yolks has been celebrating oeuf all day, offering poached eggs however you crave them.

Foodee Recommends

Build Your Breakfast (Starting at $7.50)

Smoked sockeye salmon or portobello mushroom? Real hollandais or aged white cheddar? Traditional English muffin or truffle-lemon hashbrowns? There is no wrong answer.

Belgian Waffles ($11.25)

Canadian Maple Syrup over beautiful Belgian waffles with double-smoked bacon, maple ham and the choice of English Bangers or two poached eggs.

Greens and Coconut Smoothie ($7)

Your standard greens are hardly standard here. Kale, spinach, banana, yogurt, coconut flakes with coconut water and freshly pressed apple juice keep you refreshed on the go.

P.S. Yolks is available for office delivery via Foodee! 


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