Foodee cities and our favourite cookbooks: Part 2


Foodee cities and our favourite cookbooks: Part 2

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
April 12, 2018

This is the second half of a two-part blog series on the top local cookbooks—and food trends—in Foodee cities from A to Z across North America. These cities are ones in which Foodee delivers fresh, local meals from owner-operated restaurants right to company cultures.

Check out last week’s post, where we dug into everything from the food legends and family recipes from the heart of Austin, Texas, all the way to the budding farm-to-table movement taking over Boulder, Colorado.

This week’s post takes our tour north, from Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. The following local cookbooks not only offer recipes and tastes of each region but also serve as great guidebooks to eating your way through every Foodee city. Happy eating!

Foodee city: Minneapolis, MN

Tasting Minnesota: Favorite Recipes from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Betsy Nelson

The fact that Minnesotans love to fish is obvious in their cuisine. Betsy Nelson’s “Tasting Minnesota” cookbook features more than 100 recipes from her own family recipes and from 65 local chefs. Together Nelson’s recipes and Tom Thulen’s photography reflect the elegant, yet accessible aesthetic that some are calling the “new North.”

But more than just a cookbook that features lake fish such as trout, Tasting Minnesota shares delicious recipes with local ingredients such as duck, venison, farm-fresh pork, local vegetables, cheeses and wild rice. Think curried fish cakes with cucumber salad or grilled corn and potato chowder. Each recipe celebrates the state’s best local ingredients, food, restaurants, cafes, diners and bistros.

Foodee city: Philadelphia, PA

Federal Donuts: The (Partially) True Spectacular Story by Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook, Tom Henneman, Bob Logue and Felicia D’Ambrosio

Federal Donuts is one of America’s hottest donut empires if there can be such a thing. This Philadelphia-based coffeeshop, donut and fried chicken mini-chain of restaurants opened in 2011 by the award-winning chef Michael Solomonov and his spectacularly zany team. This book is a storybook chronicle of their rise to success and, of course, a cookbook. They include tips for making foolproof donuts at home, discuss creative sweet-tooth flavors such as guava poppy and pomegranate Nutella and even share a bonus recipe for their Korean-style crispy fried chicken.

“Like Big Gay Ice Cream in 2015 and this year’s Shake Shack cookbook, Federal Donuts is set up like a yearbook, with colorful photography and playful illustrations that tell the rough-and-tumble story of how the comfort food concept came to be,” shares a review by Eater.

Another great Philadelphia-based cookbook is “Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking” by the same award-winning chef, Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook. The restaurant, Zahav, opened on Philadelphia’s Society Hill in 2008 and—together with the cookbook—is winning all kinds of awards.

Foodee city: Pittsburgh, PA

Food Lovers’ Guide to Pittsburgh: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings by Sarah Sudar, Julia Gongaware and Amanda Mcfadden

In short, this is the ultimate guide to Pittsburgh’s local food scene. Rather than focusing on one particular restaurant to highlight the region’s ingredients, stories and traditions, the authors share their inside scoop on best restaurants that celebrate what the city has to offer. These on-the-ground local foodies visit specialty food shops, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and landmark eateries and the city’s classic best bakeries, bars and food events. Plus, they share a few secret recipes for visitors and residents alike to take home and try for themselves.

Foodee city: Toronto, ON

Toronto Eats: 100 Signature Recipes from the City’s Best Restaurants by Amy Rosen

In a follow-up to editor Amy Rosen’s tremendous success from her first book, “Toronto Cooks,” this new collection assembles more than 100 recipes from 50 top Torontonian chefs. Toronto, Canada is surrounded by farms, forests and lakes that provide fantastic local, fresh and sustainable ingredients. Amy’s newest cookbook features a wide spectrum of the city’s multicultural eats, including recipes for Mumbai chili crab to okonomiyaki.

As with so many of these cookbooks, Toronto Eats is comprised of beautiful photographs, compelling stories of the city’s trending food scene and delicious recipes from many of the region’s best chefs. Plus, many of the recipes are easy to recreate at home. Bonus.

Foodee city: Vancouver, BC

The Foodie Books by Brad Hill and Chris Dagenais

Vancouver makes it easy on us when it comes to hunting down its best local restaurants and recipes. The Foodie Books (not to be confused with us!) have created three mouthwatering cookbooks (so far) on the following budding food scenes in Vancouver: The North Shore, East Vancouver and Gastown. Each cookbook showcases the local area’s best restaurants, breweries, bakeries and cafes and shares the recipes and stories straight from the top chefs and restaurateurs themselves. These range from decadent and hearty to healthy and simple.

Together as a series, these Foodie cookbooks offer a fantastic, beautiful tour of Vancouver’s thriving food scene on the West Coast and serve as a photographic guide to finding the best restaurants.

As always, happy eating.

Sam Milbrath

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