Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things


Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things

Aki Kaltenbach
By Aki Kaltenbach
December 13, 2016

Experiences trump stuff.

This is not breaking news. There have been numerous studies showing the paradox of possessions and how the happiness that comes from buying things fades quickly. These same studies go to show that experiences deliver longer-lasting happiness than things. This is because experiences become a part of our identity.

So, this holiday season, instead of giving your employees a Starbucks gift card or company swag, give them a gift that will last forever — a good time.

Here are 5 unique experiences that your people will love doing and love even more telling their family and friends about after.

1. Weapons of Mass Percussion

Weapons of Mass Percussion Fieldtripp

Taiko means “drum” in Japanese and Uzume is the Japanese Goddess of Laughter. Uzume Taiko is known around the world for its bold musical collaborations, humour and theatrical stage presence. They have handcrafted a unique brand of West Coast Canadian taiko drumming that offers a visual, sonic and sensual experience to their audience.

Make powerful music with your team while learning the beautiful art and movement of taiko drumming.

2. In Pizza we Crust

In Pizza we Crust Fieldtripp

Roll up your sleeves & let your host guide your crew through creating the perfect artisan pizza. Learn to roll out your own dough and then add your favourite gourmet toppings. Wanna take it to the next level? Make it a competition with prizes for the winner.

Once its cooked, enjoy your creations with the perfect pairing of a local craft beer or B.C. wines.

3. Live Fast DIY Young

Learn how to make all natural soap scented with an essential oil of your choosing. Not only do you get to make your own beauty products but you will come away with the knowledge to create your own soap lab at home.

4. Eat. Drink. Make Art.

Eat. Drink. Make Art. Fieldtripp

Book a night of great food, painting and wine with Mixed Media Events. This is your opportunity to paint anything you want. Their trained and talented resident artists will be with you for every brush stroke to help with any questions you might uncover. With all your painting supplies provided, all you need to do is arrive with an open mind, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Experience the freedom and creativity of letting loose on your canvas and running wild with this creative workshop.

5. Play with Clay

Play with Clay Fieldtripp

Harness your inner child with this pottery class with award winning ceramic sculptor, James Kemp. In this workshop, guests can either make something functional like a cup or a vase or a sculpture.

You can check out more unique ideas to do with your team here.

Photos: Alejandro Escamilla, Uzume Taiko, Jeff KubinaLuis Davila
Aki Kaltenbach

About Aki

Aki Kaltenbach is the Cofounder of Fieldtripp, a marketplace that connects workshop hosts with people looking for unique experiences.

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