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Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
March 5, 2019

Thursday, March 14 (3.14) is international Pi Day. Pi, as most of us know from high school mathematics, is a constant and is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It’s approximately 3.14159. Plus, it’s an annual opportunity for math lovers around the world to talk about Pi over a slice of delicious pie.

To help you and your office celebrate Pi Day, we’ve sliced into a few of our favourite Foodee restaurants, bakeries and pie shops across North America. They serve up delicious sweet and savoury pies in all its finest forms (from traditional pies to pizzas, calzones, pop tarts, quiches and turnovers) and we deliver them right to your office.

The best pies across North America to celebrate Pi Day

Pie hole, Vancouver

These 100% homemade pies are made from all local ingredients for us Vancouver foodies. We love supporting local—and these guys make it easy. Try their Fat Elvis pie which is baked layers of dark chocolate ganache in a golden buttery crust and topped with banana cream and peanut butter mousse. Delish. Or go classic with a good ol’ fashioned apple pie with tart Granny Smith and sweet Gala apples.

Pi day office celebration
(Source: The Pie Hole)

Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, Boulder

Pastry Chef Shamane Simons locally-owns and operates this bakery in Boulder, Colorado. She makes everything from scratch with the highest quality locally-produced ingredients. With a little bit of notice, she can make quiches with delicious ingredients like spinach, feta and tomato, chorizo and cheddar, ham, gruyere and mushroom and more. Plus, she has 9” seasonal pies that would make mouth-watering desserts for any Pi Day celebration. Think pear cranberry, sea salt apple caramel crumble and maple pecan, among others.

Pie Commission, Toronto

Toronto’s Pie Commission has so many delicious savoury pie options that you may want to create a Team Order for it. That is, you select the restaurant, a per-person budget and the time and date for the delivery and your colleagues do the rest. They’ll get a link to the Team Order and then choose their meal from there. If I were them, I’d go for a pie combo—that is pie and salad. The chicken, cheddar, bacon mash pie with coleslaw sounds delish!

Pi day office celebration

(Source: The Pie Commission)

Maman Quiche, Toronto

When it comes to baked goods, Maman Quiche knows what they’re doing with their family-inspired recipes that mix the south of France and northern US traditions. We’re specifically talking about their quiches for Pi Day, but everything they touch turns golden (once baked). Try them all out among your coworkers. The classic Lorraine quiche with ham and cheese or the Marie with goat cheese, roasted fennel, and green peas or the Paulinette with leek and cheddar. Oui oui.

Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, Austin

If you’re looking for au naturel baked goods for Pi Day in Austin, Texas, this is your dream joint. Everything they bake is from scratch with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Nothing’s frozen or pre-mixed or contains any preservatives—so eat ‘em while they’re fresh. These homemade pies are the steaming-on-an-open-windowsill-kind just like your grandma would have made them if she had. We’re drooling over the classics like a chocolate cream pie, cherry pie, strawberry rhubarb, apple cinnamon… I could go on.

Pi day office celebration

(Source: Quack’s Bakery

Lucky Lab Coffee Company, Austin

Let’s say you have a breakfast meeting or want to order breakfast catering and delicious coffee for your office’s Pi Day celebrations. Lucky Lab represents an interesting twist on the pie with its homemade pop tart treats called hand pies. They come in a convenient box of a half baker’s dozen and in an array of beautiful flavours. They have classic strawberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and lemon blueberry. What a fun food tour down memory lane.

Hops & Pie, Denver

Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives TV show featured this hot spot for a reason: The Guy Pizza. It’s everything you can imagine would be on a “guy” pizza—beer-braised brisket, bacon, ham hock, red sauce and pulled pork. But, they have something for everyone (gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan alike) on your team and are a great lunch or dinner catering alternative to a sweet or savoury pie.

Peaked Pies, Vancouver

What is a peaked pie, you ask? Get ready for a savoury, indulgent treat, my friend. A peaked pie is an Australian thing, but it’s become world-renowned for several good reasons: gravy, mushy peas and mashed potato on top of an Aussie meat pie. Treat your office to 5” individual pies or get all of the delicious fixings to make your own pies at the office.

Pi day office celebration

(Source: Peaked Pies)

Tony P’s Bar & Pizzeria, Denver

Looking for pizza pies or something less messy like calzones? Tony P’s has all your standard pizza flavours covered plus delicious specialty zas topped with so many veggies, cheeses, and meats that your whole office will want a piece. Try the meatball calzone with a side of tomato pizza sauce to dip. You’ll thank us.

Panbury’s Double Crust Pies, Atlanta

Looking for delicious gourmet pies in Atlanta? This joint, which is Atlanta’s first South African pie shop, is the best place to order sweet and savoury pies from. They specialize in English, Australian, and South African style hand-pies—or hot pockets as they sometimes call them. Panbury’s has pie-n-boxes lunch boxes for lunch catering, dozens of savoury pies, mini pies, sweet pies, family-style large pies, and sweet mini snack pies. Treat yourself (and your lucky office) and try a few or go for platters of sweet and savoury mini pies. Yum.

Pi day office celebration

(Source: Panbury’s)

Le French Cafe, Boulder

This cute local restaurant uses simple ingredients and French recipes that make it stand out among the rest. Le French Cafe’s baked goods are made fresh from scratch every morning—and their apple turnovers are absolutely dreamy in any morning meeting on Pi Day. Or, for a balanced office catered lunch, try one of their quiches with a salad. Perfection.

Want to order your office pies now to celebrate Pi Day in style? Check out our easy, step-by-step How to order with Foodee blog post to get started!

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