Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas


Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
August 22, 2019

You’ve been tasked with planning office food delivery Monday to Friday for your team. Now what? You’re in luck. This blog post maps out a delicious meal plan for 9 to 5 corporate catering—and even gives suggestions in several major Foodee cities on where to order in from.

Bon appetit!

Yummy Monday to Friday office food delivery ideas

Office food delivery on Mondays

Breakfast: Yogurt, fruit and grain bowls

Go for a healthy yogurt, fruit and grain bowl to start your day off right. Rotate through your favourite fruits, add a probiotic- and good-fat-rich yogurt and choose a fun and healthy grain. 

Try: Toronto’s Kupfert & Kim’s Green Smoothie Bowl with avocado, organic kale, organic banana, lime, ginger, mint topped with organic blueberries, chia, hemp seeds, granola and organic apples.

Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas
(Source: Instagram @kupfertkim

Lunch: Sandwich lunch boxes 

Sandwich lunch boxes are all the rage. Plus, every one of your employees can order and choose the extra sandwich lunch box combination they want. Vegetarian, meaty, vegan, you name it. 

Try: Boulder’s Organic Sandwich Co.’s Turkey and cranberry boxed lunch with roasted turkey, house-made cranberry chutney, herbed aioli, romaine hearts, red onion and black pepper on a baguette served with chips. 


Breakfast: Baked goods and coffee

We’re drooling over freshly baked local treats (donuts, if we’re being super specific today) and steaming hot coffee for breakfast meetings. No matter where your office is located, there’s bound to be delicious baked goods and hot coffee. 

Try: Austin’s Bougie’s Donuts and Coffee and order a dozen donuts and coffee for the team. 

Lunch: Tacos 

Taco Tuesday! Go for exciting, yet healthy, tacos today. Your team will be thrilled and have a chuckle about the classic alliteration.

Try: Atlanta’s Tacos and Tequilas Taco Bar with the eater’s choice of proteins and toppings and served with chips and salsa. 

Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas
(Source: Instagram @tacosandtequila)


Breakfast: Breakfast wraps

Wednesday seems like the ideal time to have a healthy, compact breakfast wrap on the go or at your desk. Wraps are the perfect office food delivery choice because they’re clean, easy-to-eat and packed full of ingredients that will keep you and your team going all day (or until noon).

Try: If you’re ordering for a team, try Denver’s Bacon Social House’s Breakfast Burrito Box with black beans, cheddar cheese, crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs, salsa and pork green chilli. Vegetarian options are also available.

Lunch: Fresh green salad 

After that deliciously hearty breakfast wrap, bring your team’s calories down and boost their vitamin and mineral intake with a fresh, healthy salad. Feel free to add protein, seeds and grains to keep your team productive. 

Try: Vancouver’s Verdura Blueberry, Orange and Kale Salad with blueberries, orange, cucumber, cranberry, almonds, kale, quinoa, spelt and a poppy seed vinaigrette. Add a side of vegan butternut squash soup for those hungrier teammates. 

Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich

Thursdays are the new Fridays, right? Almost. Go for something fun, like a breakfast sandwich, which doesn’t completely throw off your team’s health-kick diet, but still acknowledges that the week is almost done. They did great work and deserve a treat.

Try: Austin’s Wholy Bagel Hot Breakfast Sandwiches such as the veggie sausage, egg and cheese served on your choice of fresh-baked bagels that are made-to-order. Yum.

Lunch: Sushi

Depending on how much you and your team splurged on breakfast sandwiches for your breakfast office food delivery, sushi may or may not be a good choice for your next meal. Order a well-balanced combination of fresh greens, raw seafood and grains to keep everyone’s productivity in check. 

Try: Vancouver’s Minami signature Vegetable Sushi Platter with 52 pieces of different rolls with an Aburi twist.

Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas
(Source: Instagram @minamiyaletown)


Breakfast: All-American breakfast

Nothing says Friday breakfast in the office quite like a classic, good-old all-American breakfast. We’re talking about the works. Bacon, eggs, toast, jam, coffee, you name it. Go for Foodee’s individual orders and let your team order exactly what they want—side sauces and all. 

Try: Denver’s Hashtag Colfax ‘wich with two soft scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese and baby kale on a toasted bun. 

Delicious 9 to 5 office food delivery ideas
(Source: Instagram @hashtag.denver)

Lunch: Sandwich and salad 

After today’s breakfast—depending on what they order, of course—your team will be craving some healthy greens alongside a classic Sammy. Who knows, maybe they’ll even go Italian, as do most people on Fridays, and order a hot-pressed panini. 

Try: Toronto’s Morso Me Italian Sandwiches such as the meatball sandwich with a side garden salad and Brio soda. 

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