The Best Food Holidays of the Year


The Best Food Holidays of the Year

Sam Hawkins
By Sam Hawkins
December 20, 2016

*Updated on August 2019*

Foodies, it’s time to celebrate. Why? Because, thankfully, almost every day of the year is some kind of food holiday! So no matter whether it’s December 20th and you’re celebrating National Sangria Day or it’s June 20th and you’re enjoying National Vanilla Milkshake Day, there’s always something to celebrate with these best food holidays of the year.

To save you some time, we went ahead and ticked off all the best food holidays of the year, month by month. Go ahead and start meal planning for office lunches based on these fun food holidays.

The Best Food Holidays of the Year

January 18: National Gourmet Coffee Day

Best Food Holidays Gourmet Coffee Day

Runner up: National Glazed Doughnut Day on January 12th.

February 18: National “Drink Wine” Day

Best Food Holidays Drink Wine Day

Runner up: National Chewing Gum Day – February 15th

March 25: International Waffle Day

Best Food Holidays Waffle Day

Runner up: National World Whiskey Day – March 27

April 6/7: New Beer’s Eve, National Beer Day

Best Food Holidays Beer Day

Runner up: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

May 11: National “Eat what you want” Day

Best Food Holidays Eat What You Want

Runner up: National Brown-Bag-It Day: May 25th

June 13: Cupcake Lover’s Day

Best Food Holidays Cupcake Day

Runner up: National Rotisserie Chicken Day – June 2nd

July 4: National BBQ Day (also known as America’s birthday)

Best Food Holidays BBQ Day

Runner up: National Fried Chicken – July 6th, National Hot Dog Day – July 23rd, National Hamburger Day – July 28th, National Chicken Wing Day – July 29th

August 20: National Bacon Lovers’ Day

Best Food Holidays Bacon Love

Runner up: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – August 2nd

September 25: National Food Service Workers Day

Best Food Holidays Food Workers Day

Runner up: National “I Love Food” Day – September 9

October 1: World Vegetarian Day

Best Food Holidays Vegetarian Day

Runner up: National Greasy Foods Day – October 25

November 14: National Pickle ‘Appreciation’ Day

Best Food Holidays Pickle Appreciation Day

Runner up: National Chinese Take-out Day – November 5th

December 5: National Comfort Food Day

Runner up: National “Get on the Scales” Day – December 29th

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