7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery


7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
June 6, 2019

There are a lot of corporate catering and office food delivery companies out there. In fact, the market is flooded with logistics and it’s only getting more crowded. How do you choose one service over another? Why did some of Foodee’s 4,000 corporate clients, including Amazon and Microsoft, choose Foodee?

Here are seven solid arguments to use Foodee for your office food delivery that might help convince you (or your boss). Obviously, we’re biased, but hear us out.

7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery

1. Support local restaurants

7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery

Your city is blessed with many exciting, new, and delicious local owner-operated restaurants. From mom and pop neighbourhood institutions to trendy, modern establishments, these local businesses are changing your city’s local food culture for good. We celebrate and support restaurants like these.

Here at Foodee, we partner with local owner-operated restaurants because we know that they care about serving good, local food to their loyal customers.

2. Take your office on a local culinary tour

Our Foodee team works hard to nourish local restaurant partnerships and establish new and exclusive-to-Foodee partners every day. We’re proud to have over 700 restaurant partners across North America representing a diverse variety of cuisines, cultures, ingredients, menus, and dietary preferences. The modern offices that choose us for their office food delivery take their company on a local culinary tour every lunch, trying the hottest new restaurants and local staples daily.

3. Enjoy tailored meal plans

Foodee works with teams of 10 to more than 500 on daily and weekly office food delivery needs. We work with every budget, dietary and cuisine preference, allergy restrictions, group size, likes and dislikes to create custom meal plans that work for you. Based on your favourite restaurants, meal types, and catering needs, we can suggest top local restaurants and automate daily and weekly meal plans that your team will love.

4. Control who orders office food delivery

7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery

You decide how much office food delivery—or office catering—you want on your plate and then we’ll take up the rest. We also have team ordering options, where you pick the restaurant, order date, and budget, and send a link to order to your team. They have a set amount of time to choose their meal and state their allergies and preferences. When the meal arrives, they get what they want, minus the fuss.

5. Expert office food delivery

We have several expert logistics partnerships to ensure that every meal is picked up on time, correctly processed and labeled, and delivered on-time for your office lunch. These partnerships help us specialize in and perfect our office food delivery, so our service is stress-free, on-time, and reliable.

6. Stress-free, reliable experience

7 reasons to use Foodee for office food delivery

In the past, ordering and organizing office catering was a thankless and stressful job. It still is often added on to administration professional’s daily task list, without officially having it a part of their job description.

We understand how complex ordering daily or weekly meals for a 500 (or even 10!) person team can be. We’ve built our business, services, software, and partnerships to alleviate the stress, take it off our client’s plate, and ensure that everything runs smoothly and tastes great.

7. Sustainable packaging and zero food waste

Our restaurant partners prioritize 100% recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging, utensils, and napkins wherever possible. We encourage our restaurant partners to use sustainable packaging and help us save the planet by reimbursing them for all sustainable packaging they purchase. We work with our restaurant partners to curate menus for individual orders and family-style orders based on the number of people eating. This allows them to prepare just the right amount of food per person per order to eliminate food waste.

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